So if you have visited my user page, you will see a big inactivity template looming over everything. And it is true, obviously. Anyway, I return on the 25 April, and that brings into question the Fanon Awards...

If possible, I would appreciate it if they were postponed until my return, and I am sorry about the incredible lack of notice to my fellow council members, but things have been majorly hectic, and even wasting time writing this is pretty risky. Anyway, I am at home for one night on Tuesday the 12th, so if I have any messages left for me, then I might be able to find some time to answer them. Anyway, have fun while I am away, and yeah. Sorry about the awards, but if we postponed them, I would be very, very grateful. Also while I am gone, discuss more nominees! Anyway, see ya in one week! If not two!

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