Hi all. You might have noticed that I am inactive, and I gave a few people a goodbye on IRC a week ago. This isn't me returning - no, this is me giving you all reasons why I am inactive, what will and won't happen, and what you might need to do in my stead, mainly because I think you all deserve it.

User groups

Obviously, I won't be able to help out, and if this inactivity breaches user group policy, then by all means, remove me. The Fanonbenders in particular, will be rebuilt and restructured upon my return, to "operate and maximum efficiency."

Fanon administrative duties

My work on the Fanon Portal will no doubt be ceased until my return, but as always, work by others will continue. I unfortunately, will not be able to continue updating the Fanon Portal slider monthly, or make changes to reflect the new featured articles each month. Of course, I'm sure one of two lovely people will be able to update the portal for you.

And as a message to those two people, if you need any images resized for the slider, I will most likely supply them before the date turns, however, if you can't do it, I'm sure Thailog would be able to help you out. :)

Also, if you feel that the Fanon Portal suffers by having one less Fanon Administrator, remove me. I want the Fanon Portal to be better, not "power" that being a Fanon Administrator grants me. By all means, if you think you need three active Fanon Administrators at one time - which I do - then demote me. No hard feelings guys, and I know there are quite a few people who would be excellent for the job, :)

Contacting me

I will be replying to talk page messages, most likely once a week, however, if for whatever reason you need me for something urgent, you can, as always, email me, and you can expect a reply within 12 hours.

Fanon writing

Now, I know not many people read my fanon, with my third chapter having a page view of 7, but to the very few that do, I am ending it, very early in fact. There will be two more chapters, then kaput, the end. My reasons for ending the fanon is;

  1. I don't enjoy writing it,
  2. I find it tedious,
  3. I don't have time to do somethin I don't enjoy, and
  4. I have a new fanon project underway, which I am really excited about and can't wait to start.

For my full reason for stopping Avatar: The Legend of Teru, see here.

And as for The Common Series Project writers, I'd like you to work on an outline for your stories. You have until I get back to submit a summary of what happens, so at least six weeks. And I don't mean a draft of your story, just a quick overview of the plot. I have one from MightyBrit and it's nothing less than amazing, and I look forward to ideas from the rest of you!

The Ba Sing Se Times and the forums

I will try to continue to contribute if I can, with next week's article almost ready for submission. As for the forums, I will check in once a week if possible to put out an opinion on something.

If possible, I would like to ask that in the case of discussion in relation to the Fanon Portal, that someone send me an email so I can have a look at it. And in advance, I'd like to thank whoever that is. :)

Legend of Korra news

If there is any new major updates for Korra, could someone send me a talk page message? :3 That way I can keep updated on what's going on.

So thanks everyone for reading, and I apologise for any hinderence my inactivity may cause. Of course, you have a wonderful team of Administrators and Fanon Administrators with you, so you will be a-okay. ;) Do not hesitate to email me if you wish, whether for an idea, thought, help, or just to catch up. I love working with all of you, and I can't wait to return to continue updating the Fanon Portal and start publishing my new fanon. So until I return, HAPPY EDITING!

Oh, and - CONGRATULATIONS VULMEN! Good luck with all your beaurocratic, err - stuff - you have to do. :D

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