, Legend of Korra has been extended another 14 episodes!

So we now have 26 episodes of Korra! And I think they are also hinting that they will be doing more series in the forms of 'serials'. Meaning there will be no fillers, just really juicy episodes, with high concentration of story and character development crammed in. Which in my opinion, is much better!

So some characters may appear, in my opinion, Zuko most likely in the form of his son/daughter perhaps, and even Aang as Korra's tutor.

And even more exciting:

There is much more to the interview here, so give it a good read. And I might note that Bryke didn't ever say the name of the series, so that is still unconfirmed, even though The 888th Avatar changed it (to my great displeasure). I think I can last until 2012 if they keep releasing interviews like this, but then again, 2012 is when the world ends. :)

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