Hi all, I'd just like to quickly apologise about the lateness of this issue of The Ba Sing Se Times. After returning home from my one week holiday, we had some thunder and lightning storms and a lot of wind, which I was enjoying thoroughly until the internet cut out!

I did manage to answer some talk page messages and comment on forums on Saturday, but about an hour later the internet went down for the area, and I was unable to continue work on the BSST, as the only other access to internet I have is my mobile, and as most of you know, Wikia isn't good for editing on a mobile!

So apologies, and I'm working on getting the issue to you now. If anyone has any articles for me or articles already sent to 888, I would appreciate it greatly if you could send them to me, so I can just get the whole issue done! Thanks all for your patience. :)

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