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Avatar Common Series Project, a compilation of chapters from renowned fanon writers.

If you have read my column in the 14 May edition of the Ba Sing Se Times, then you will know a bit about the project, but if you have come here from the fanon portal, then this will be a brand new and exciting concept for you...


The Common Series Project aims to create an Avatar: The Last Airbender fan fiction series with the contribution of several fanon authors. Each author writes one chapter (or one two-part chapter) and submits it to the head-writer, who compiles all of the chapters into one series. The first series will contain fifteen chapters, including three two-part chapters.

More detail please?

The Common Series Project aims to publish an entire series based on the collaboration of Avatar Fanon authors supplying chapters and their own ideas to form one series. The series would not be like Clash of Worlds, in which authors use their own characters, but use already existing characters, or original ones, based on the desired setting.

Currently, the setting has been decided as being set before Avatar: The Last Airbender, in fact, the series will follow the story of the second Earth Kingdom Avatar before Unnamed fire Avatar, so that is a few millennia before Aang's time.

So once the writing team has been finalized, we will decide on a plot, characters, setting, villains, and anything else that has to be considered. The writers will write one chapter each, or one two-part episode, and then send the chapters to the head-writer to review, edit, and tie in to the story arc. The chapters will then begin airing after all chapters have been written and completed, and released on a weekly basis by the head-writer.

Once the first book has been completed, there will likely be one Christmas Special, written by the head-writer, and will be published on Christmas Day 2011, providing the series is finished well before then.


Since there will be several contributors, all with their own chapter ideas, there needs to be one person who can organize and compile all of the chapters into the series. The head-writer has no power or authority over the rest of the writing team, although they are appointed the responsibility of writing the first chapter, the two-part finale chapters, and one or two other chapters, depending on the space availability. The reason for this is that each series will have an over all story arc which will be threaded throughout the series, and having the ability to edit all chapters helps to create the continuitive flow of the series, and tie in most chapters with the arc.

The head-writer is also in charge of choosing the writers, publicising and advertising the series, and appointing the next head-writer should s/he choose to step down. The head-writer for the first few books will be myself, as I have participated in projects like these on other wikis, and I know what needs to be done to keep the series organized.

Writing team

I have already approached three popular fanon writers to take part in the series on IRC, and they have accepted the offer to join. I have also expressed interest in two more fanon writers, and one has been approached. The current writing team is;

Because the series is in such early development, the writers are joining on an invite only basis, but we may still be interested in more users once we have a proper idea of what we will be doing, and on that day, more invites will be sent out, but for now, just the four of us plus the two awaiting invites.

Artist wanted

What would be absolutely incredible is if we could get an artist on board, so we can have each chapter illistrated. I don't think it has ever been done before, and having the advantage of each chapter and character being visualized would be amazing. So if anyone has skills in drawing, whether it be computerized or hand drawn, I'll ask for submissoins of work later.


The series will begin as soon as an adequate amount of writers have been decided upon, and once all of the chapters are written and edited accordingly, they will start being aired weekly.

What can I do?

In the meantime, you can continue writing your fanon, and impressing us with your talents, and maybe even get chosen to take part in the series!


The Common Series Project has a fanon portal article. See it here.

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