For users trying to get their edit counts up in a constructive way on Avatar Wiki, the first stop is usually the , or for fanon users, Category:Needs Help (fanon). I recently have been editing pages in these categories, and once I believe they are up to standard, I usually remove the category myself.

But sometimes I open a page in these categories, and the page seems to be of good quality, and I myself are unsure whether or not to remove the category, so I propose to the community and the administrators that a page be made where users can discuss this, not unlike the Avatar Wiki:Profile Image Change page.

I think an appropriate name for the page could be Avatar Wiki:Needs Help Discussion. And on the page the community votes on whether to remove the category or not. While the vote is underway, perhaps the page be protected so that it is not altered whilst voting is under way, maybe not.

So what is your opinion on the matter? Does the wiki need this or not?

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