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    Book 3 Some News

    March 4, 2014 by Rapmilo

    Not sure if all these are true or rumors, but from what I know this is what might happen in Book 3.

    First of all Book 3 will be titled Change which makes sense since opening spirit portals is a huge change for the world either positively or negatively (not known yet, but I'm leaning towards negative side).

    It is also known that more about Earthbending. What we will learn I am not sure of.

    We will also be getting more of Lin Being Fong as she was not seen too much in Book 2.

    Book 3 is nearly complete but the release date isn't confirmed quite yet. I hope that Book 3 will be much more interesting than Book 2 which I didn't enjoy all that much.

    That is all, please comment on what you want for Book 3 and your opinions.

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  • Rapmilo

    The Avatar Twins?

    February 28, 2014 by Rapmilo

    I just had an idea you know how avatars come once the last one dies. What would happen if the avatar turned out to be a twin, would there be two avatars? Or will only one be chosen as an avatar?

    Also just another idea you know how Avatar Wan got his powers from the Giant Lion Turtle what if a normal person meets these turtles and some how gets there powers will there be two avatars. For some reason I am obsessed with the idea of having more than one avatar at a a time.

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