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Grey DeLisle reveals details about her new Legend of Korra character

Grey DeLisle, as many of you already know, is the voice actress for Azula and The Dark Spirit. About a month ago, she stated in a tweet that she was recording for The Legend of Korra, later revealed to be Book 3. In a recent interview with Pegasisters Live, she responds to a fan-submitted question involving her characters in the series, and reveals some information about her new Book 3 character in the process.

Here is a transcript of the question followed by her response:

Question: Hey Grey! Can you tell us a little info. about your character that you voice on Korra Book 3 and about The Dark Spirit on Book 2? We understand you can't say much, we don't want spoilers or anything, just a few teases. Thank you!

Grey: All I can say, for sure, is that I'm not Azula again. So, I know a lot of people, like, were really wanting her to come back. I hope she... that would be awesome if she comes back. I mean, you know, they kinda left it open, like, she didn't die... She could come back, but, not as far as I know. So, I'm doing two new characters. I did that Dark Spirit character and then I just booked, like, a brand-new character. I wish I could say what kind of bender she was... I'll just say she's not a firebender. And I haven't actually seen her art yet, but, she's a... she's a bad girl.

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