Okay, so these are the Fanon Recognition Awards similar to the Fanon Awards.The Object of this is to give recognition to fanon in general.This will borrow The Fanon Awards categorys along with some new ones.A Fanon cannot win more than once(A fanon can win and a chapter from it, but the fanon can't win a series award twice,same goes for the chapter.)


  • Outstanding Drama Series - Essentially for anything that doesn't fall into 'Comedy' or 'New' Series.
  • Outstanding New Series - The best of the new crop. It will likely become legendary.
  • Outstanding Expansion Series - The best of a series centering around one character.
  • Outstanding Romance Series- What do you "Ship"?
  • Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series - The best written chapter on the wiki. Bar none.
  • Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series - This chapter will make you 'Lol'.
  • Outstanding Editing in a Fanon Series - Who made a good chapter great?
  • Outstanding Crossover Fanon Series- This brings two Series together.
  • Best Main Character (Male) - The strongest central figure of a series.
  • Best Main Character (Female) - The greatest heroine of the wiki.
  • Best Supporting Character (Male) - This guy makes everything possible.
  • Best Supporting Character (Female) - She holds everything together.
  • Best Villain - This person is so bad, they could almost conquer the wiki.
  • Best Conflicted Character- This person is having a change of heart.
  • Single Achievement Award - Outstanding Author - The most consistent author on the wiki.
  • Single Achievement Award - Outstanding New Author - He will become the best author ever.
  • Single Achievement Award - Outstanding Guest Author/Editor - A great writer lending
  • Single Achievement Award- Outstanding Original Plot- A great Original Plot.
  • Single Achievement Award- Outstanding Original Character- A great Original Character.
  • Individual Chapter Award- Quality-This Chapter is written excelently.
  • Individual Chapter Award- Originality-The Plot is very Original.
  • Individual Chapter Award- Name- This chapter has the best Name.
  • Individual Chapter Award-Reality-Most Realistic chapter.
  • Funniest "One Shot"- LOL One Shot.
  • Dramatic "One Shot"- Oh My Drama.
  • Series Name- This fanon has the best Name.


  • A Fanon Series Cannot win Twice.
  • A Fanon Chapter Cannot win Twice.
  • The Award Council Will nominate the Fanons and Chapters in the comments Section and users will vote for them.
  • The winners will recieve templates and Fanon Recognition.

How you can help!

  • You can join the "Award Council".(Note:The Council shall not succeed more than 5 members).
  • You can vote.
  • We will need someone to make the Winner Templates.

Award Council

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