Well, the majority of you have wished for it so it is to happen. Yes, I am Mulling It Over. A recent event of which has gotten me permabanned on IRC, has enlightened me with the truth, I thought this was the one place I could actually make and have friends but apparently I have no frends here, either. I realize I have hurt or made many of you uncomfortable.

Heres a list of people I'd like to make my last goodbyes' and sorries to:

  • Azulazulazula: You were my best friend, or so I thought.I realize now that was just an annoyance to you and that you didn't like me.I'm sorry for that. Goodbye MRtG.
  • Seliah Jade: You may have been my only shot of a friend I had and I blew that too bye being sullen and hostile in our last chat. For that I'm sorry. Goodbye Tim.
  • The Ultimate Waterbender: We were good friends, but I ruined our friendship by having a crush on you. I am especially sorry. Goodbye KataraPlushie.
  • Vulmen: We were enemys, friends, and seemingly enemys again.I don't even know why... For whatever I did to you, I am truly sorry. Your a nice person.
  • IsabellaLoverI recently became editor/co-writer of your fanon.I will mail you Roku's part in the first chapter, but I won't be able to help anymore.I am sorry. Goodbye IL.
  • Dcasawang: Well, I'm sorry we are not friends anymore, I apoligize for my outrageous behavior on IRC, you used to give great advice. Goodbye DC.
  • Natsu11: Kanji: 夏こんにちは、私たちは用語を話すことにまだあったが、私はもはや私達の友人を考慮していませんでした。そのように申し訳ありません誰かがおそらく一度だけの人生になる可能性があるため私はのために。その約私はあなたのインドのガンジーが(待って、彼はインドのだ)まあ意味する、用事) Romanji: Natsu kon'nichiwa, watashitachiha yōgo o hanasu koto ni mada attaga, watashi wa mohaya watashitachi no yūjin o kōryo shite imasendeshita. Sonoyōni mōshiwakearimasen darekaga osoraku ichidodake no jinsei ni naru kanōsei ga aru tame watakushiha no tame ni. Sono yaku watashi wa anata no Indo no ganjī ga (matte, kare wa Indo noda) mā imi suru, yōji) Goodbye Summer.
  • The 888th Avatar: Your a wiki god. We never really became friends. For that I am truly sorry. Goodbye wjxhuang.
  • LoveHopeDream123: I'm sorry we aren't friends anymore, I'm sorry for saying I had a crush on you, I truly am because you are very nice, everytime I talk to you, you end every senence with =). Goodbye LHD =)
  • Annawantimes:The yearbook probably will die with this blog. For that I'm sorry. Goodbye Annawan.
  • Bahjy1: Nothing Much to say here but goodbye, so Goodbye Bahjy.
  • BlueDagger: I've talked my fair share of crap about you, for that I'm sorry.
  • Lego_lord: I've hurt you. We've been enemies. We've been friends. Recently, I haven't been able to chat you, for that i'm sorry. Goodbye Lego.
  • Toph's Fanboy: I hurt your brother. He's awesome. We were friends. For hurting your brother I am sorry.. Goodbye MetalArmor
  • Jackiie: Goodbye Sophiie Wophiie.
  • Moph93: I made fun of Doph, I shipped you with Tara. For that I am really sorry. Goodbye, Mophasai.
  • NerfblasterproI've talked crap. Sorry. Bye, NBP.
  • Theavatardemotivator: Not much to say. sorry for being a creeper, supposidely. Bye TAD.
  • Cutekittenkatara: Sis(Not really) I'm gonna miss you.Sorry for revealing you don't live in Korea.Bye Bye CKK.
  • BlackMonkey: Sorry for the argument we once had. It was bad. Bye old friend.
  • The Bos: You were a good friend who gave great fanon advice. What happened( About the first part). It seems like we are not friends anymore.For that I am sorry.Bye The BOSS.
  • PSUAvatar14: Sorry for all the crap I said. Wish we could've been friends because your really nice. I'm sorry for that.Goodbye KatarasFanBoy.
  • Avatar Wiki: I'm sorry for any non-constructive edit as well as my IRC behavior and my sockpuppetry.
  • Sorry if I missed anyone. Sorry to those I've done bad, goodbye to anyone I forgot.

Final Words to all.

Bye all. I will drop in from time and time again, but won't sign in, won't edit, and won't be contactable. I may check Message Wall onc in a while but probably not. Good luck to the wiki. Good luck to you all.

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