Okay, so guess what? I came up; with a great idea! A yearbook for the Avatar Wiki.

Complete With:

  • Superlatives
  • Users+Pictures(Okay not all users but mainly those who have been active within the last two months) Note:The photos are ATLA pictures chosen to represent these users.
  • Remember When.... (Ex: Remember when Team Plushie was started on IRC or Remember when we all did Parodies of songs?
  • Most like...( Avatar Characters, or Show Creators n' stuff;Seperate from Superlatives,

All put together on my Userspace! If your interested on helping drop me a message or leave a comment and you will be on the yearbook squad! Note:The Yearbook squad can have no more than 25 members.Joining is first come first serve.

Yearbook Squad:


To Be Created


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