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Avatar Canon Trivia

Welcome to the canonical Avatar Trivia Contest! Who is the biggest Avatar fan on this wiki?

You all know the deal, I post questions, you answer.

But heres a Twist:If someone answers a question wrong they lose one point.

This contest will end November 14th.

Scoring is normal otherwise.

Contestants' Scores:

  1. Toph's Fanboy- 14
  2. BlackMonkey-10
  3. Slash-10
  4. KrazyKid- 5
  5. <See Below>
  • DanMan- 2
  • Firebender- 2
  • Trinity - 2

7. <See Below>

  • ARG-1
  • Ultimate - 1
  • BlueDagger-1
  • Powerfullest- 1

Good luck and have fun everyone!

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