Aàng's Legend is an idea remake of The Last Airbender by RandomPerson...o 0. However, this movie would not be Live-Action , but computer rendered, I.E. Toy Story, Walle , Shrek. This will settle the casting controversy but still sum up Aang's adventure into a movie.


Running Time(s)

The first outline I made of the movie I brought Mike and Bryan to my house and said, "I have an outline of the movie, what do you think?" And they said, "This is like 10 hours long. You have to cut stuff." And I thought, "I can't. I love everything." The first outline was so long...
Roundtable Discussion with M. Night Shyamalan
Most Movies are around 90 to 150. Some movies, I.E. Harry Potter , Lord Of The Rings , Titanic, are around 180 minutes long. I Plan for each movie to be around 175 minutes long, so that basic plot's are kept , but filler episodes aren't but the story flows the same.

Multiple Movies

More than a movie for each season, by breaking up seasons into multiple movies as seen in Harry Potter , and Twilight , can be done so more content can be shown in alloted times.


The movie franchise should be renamed to Aàng's Legend because viewers would likely shy away from The Last Airbender, and "Avatar" has been copyrighted by James Cameron.The films should not have subtitles Book:1, Book:2 or Book 3, because if the movies are split up by books, the Part 1, Part 2 subtitles would also go on. Books 2 and 3 should be split up into multiple films and end with the "sub-finale". A sub-finale is like The Secret Of The Firenation in Book 2 or The Invasion in Book 3 or even the Blue Spirit for Book 1.

  • "Book 1:Water" : Aàng's Legend:The Avatar Returns
  • "Book 2:Earth" : Aàng's Legend:Secret Of The Fire Nation , Aàng's Legend:Crossroads of Destiny
  • "Book 3:Fire" : Aàng's Legend:Day of Black Sun , Aàng's Legend:Sozin's Comet

The Story Format

In an episodic series, that nature is: it’s episodic. A beginning, middle, and end in each episode, so it needs you to go right, left, right, left like that. But there is a through-line that is present in most episodes, like how he has to master all of the elements and that kind of thing. Katara and her brother are becoming a family and they’re protecting Aang. And they’re moving to the Northern Water Tribe.
Roundtable Discussion with M. Night Shyamalan
The movies should be split into Three Acts Each, the Acts could be split into A and B.These acts should reflect the Series as much as possible.


Aàng's Legend:The Avatar Returns

The Southern Water Tribe

This would follow nearly the same suit as canon except the omittance of how Aang was frozen, The Village will be slightly larger, and a few minor tidbits.

The Avatar Returns

In this,instead of Aang being kicked out, Prince Zuko's ship lands before he has a chance to leave.Once Aang is taken Zuko's prisoner, instead of Katara and Sokka preparing a canoe, they go straight to Appa.Once Zuko takes Aang,he will be put into a room alone with Zuko and Aang will still have his Staff, this Will resemble the scenw in this episode when Aang went to get his staff.When Aang enters the Avatar State he has a flashback of entering The Avatar State and freezing himself and Appa.

The Southern Air Temple/The Storm(Flashbacks only)

In This Aang will not play airball ,and Aangs first act as of entering the Temple is going into the room Gyatso's corpse is in.he enters the Avatar State but is calmed down by Katara.He precedes to tell them about why he left.

In this when Zuko makes repairs on his ship, Zhao simplys lets him go after interrogating the crew.Zuko finds out and fights with his Lieutenant,challenging him to Agni Kai,The Lieutenant declines and apoligizes.He proceeds to go sit down and play Pai Sho with Iroh and Iroh tells him about Zuko's Scar.

The King of Omashu

This will be without the challenges except for the last one.

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