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  • RandomPerson...o 0 write about there wiki on [Wiki Experiment]. The Avatar Wiki can tell whatever they want about the Avatar Wiki, as long as you include your structure of your wiki's government. This is to help establish how a perfect wiki government shall run. Please help out at Thanks! --Naruto Uzumaki + Aang Barrage 22:47, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

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    Well, the majority of you have wished for it so it is to happen. Yes, I am Mulling It Over. A recent event of which has gotten me permabanned on IRC, has enlightened me with the truth, I thought this was the one place I could actually make and have friends but apparently I have no frends here, either. I realize I have hurt or made many of you uncomfortable.

    Heres a list of people I'd like to make my last goodbyes' and sorries to:

    • You were my best friend, or so I thought.I realize now that was just an annoyance to you and that you didn't like me.I'm sorry for that. Goodbye MRtG.
      You may have been my only shot of a friend I had and I blew that too bye being sullen and hostile in our last chat. For that I'm sorry. Goodbye Tim.
      We were good frien…
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    Hey everybody, Its that time of year again, time for the 1st Annual Avatar Games! What are the Avatar Games you ask? Well, imagine the Hunger Games but with bending, now imagine non benders recieving one weapon to start, now imagine users controlling what happens, and controlling the Avatar character they themselves chose.

    There are Twenty-Four slots, the first come first serve. To join sign your name! But even if all the slots are taken you can still be apart of the action. You can sponsor a tribute with one item they most desperately need. You can only sponsor twice in total, so be ready. Still want to help? You can help by voting a wild card. The Wild Card is someone who died who you want to return.They are healed with Spirit Water! You …

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    To be to the short and to the point: The yearbook has been revived for a 2012 release!

    Annawantimes is now Co-Leader! P.S. The yearbook will be dedicated to anyone who can tell where this easter egg blog title is from (And its not anything to do with David Bowie)

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    Okay, so guess what? I came up; with a great idea! A yearbook for the Avatar Wiki.

    Complete With:

    • Superlatives
    • Users+Pictures(Okay not all users but mainly those who have been active within the last two months) Note:The photos are ATLA pictures chosen to represent these users.
    • Remember When.... (Ex: Remember when Team Plushie was started on IRC or Remember when we all did Parodies of songs?
    • Most like...( Avatar Characters, or Show Creators n' stuff;Seperate from Superlatives,

    All put together on my Userspace! If your interested on helping drop me a message or leave a comment and you will be on the yearbook squad! Note:The Yearbook squad can have no more than 25 members.Joining is first come first serve.

    Yearbook Squad:

    • RandomPerson...o 0 (Editor-I…

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