Wow! What a finale! My eyes were glued to the screen throughout the whole thing and then, it ended. I realised that we had to wait what will seem like years (it won't be, but that's what it will feel like :C) for season 2! But at least we know it's coming, eh? :D

It got me thinking about what I'd like from season 2, which I'm sure will be fantastic. I'm just wondering what everyone else thinks could happen. I've been spawning ideas everywhere now, so here goes:

  • New villain arises (obviously). I assume they would have been part of the Equalist revolution and was present when Amon (or Noatak) was revealed to be a waterbender. I think that as Amon got himself out of the water with a waterspout, his mask was flung into the crowd somewhere. My guess is that this new villain could have picked up his mask and continued the idea of Amon, which so many had believed in and devoted their lives to (the Lieutenant being an example). The Equalist revolution would continue to grow, albeit more secretly than before and with a far more true cause. I think the Equalist idea is far too strong to be left alone as just undertones next season. But I also think that there could be more than one main villain, a gang rising to power perhaps? I like the idea of three sides, all against each other.
  • New chief of police. It seems quite likely to me that this would happen. After all, Lin did resign and it seems like Saikhan would do the same regarding what had just happened to him (I did miss him in the finale :P). When I say 'new' I don't necessarily mean a new character. Perhaps Lin would resume her role as chief, seeing as she has found her officers and her bending is now restored. I'd much prefer that to a new character.
  • Bolin learns metalbending. If this doesn't happen I will die a little inside. When Iroh asked him if he knew how to metalbend and he revealed he didn't, that just screamed "he's learning metalbending in season 2" to me. Maybe Lin could teach him because her bending is now restored.
  • More Bolin development! I, with a lot of other people, think that Bolin's development was sacrificed for the sake of an extremely boring, and quite honestly predictable love triangle. I mean, he barely had any lines in "Turning the Tides" and he somehow manages to get over his own brother kissing his girlfriend-at-the-time in what seemed like no time at all. It always seemed a bit odd that he had some development and then it just stops for the sake of a love-arc in which he displays pretty much no thought on and only references once. I'd like to see a lot more about his past, because I've always thought that his optimistic, happy attitude was just a cover for the inner grief that plagues him. He even tries to make everyone else happy when they're feeling down, which implies to me that their sadness might remind him of his own. It would be really good to see a side to him other than just the comic relief and love-tool he seems to have been used for during season 1. I hate the "nice guys finish last" idea, not from a shipping perspective by the way. Again, if this doesn't happen I will pull an Azula.
  • More airbender kids! These guys were amazing. Jinora, Ikki and Meelo were just boss. That is all.
  • A bunch of angry former-Equalists. Again with the new villain thing, I'm sure there will be some of these guys left wondering about. Whether or not they decide go after non-benders or spread the revival of the Equalists I don't know, but it would be pretty cool if either happened.
  • More pro-bending! Not sure whether or not I'd like to see it make a fully fledged comeback or just a little hint that the arena is open again, although I'm routing for somewhere in between because I'm fairly certain that it will make a return one way or another. I doubt the Fire Ferrets will make a comeback, seeing as each of them now has now pretty much become a boss at bending their respective elements.
  • More bromance. Bolin and Mako are awesome as brothers, so I'd like to see more moments like the one in the finale (epic bro-hug almost had me tearbending). Then there's also the friendship bromance! Bolin and Iroh seem like they would be good friends, Mako too.
  • Speaking of Iroh... I'm thinking that he will return in season 2 to help with the rebuild of Republic City and the restructuring of it's society seeing as it'll probably be thriving with Equalists-in-denial and there is probably still a spark between benders and non-benders with all that's just happened.

I probably have more ideas stuck in the back of my head somewhere, when I dig them out I'll be sure to let you know.

So, what are your thoughts for season 2? Crackpot theorists are welcome. Nothing like a bit of imagining whilst we wait for season 2, which I'm sure will be worth it. :D

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