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    Ideas for Season 2

    June 23, 2012 by Rando07

    Wow! What a finale! My eyes were glued to the screen throughout the whole thing and then, it ended. I realised that we had to wait what will seem like years (it won't be, but that's what it will feel like :C) for season 2! But at least we know it's coming, eh? :D

    It got me thinking about what I'd like from season 2, which I'm sure will be fantastic. I'm just wondering what everyone else thinks could happen. I've been spawning ideas everywhere now, so here goes:

    • New villain arises (obviously). I assume they would have been part of the Equalist revolution and was present when Amon (or Noatak) was revealed to be a waterbender. I think that as Amon got himself out of the water with a waterspout, his mask was flung into the crowd somewhere. My gu…
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