(Republic City National Anthem Plays) Heeeelooooo Republic city! This is your favorite Bender, the man with the plan, the Bender seeking truth, justice, and the Republic City way. This is Raiden Radio! (Song ends)

Hey this is Raiden, broadcasting to you live from a secret location somewhere in

Republic City. Anyway, today, I have some troubling news for everyone, not just Benders or just non Benders. This goes out to everyone.

If you are wondering why I haven’t been broadcasting consistently for the past few days...

well... it’s a long story. The Short Version is, my source inside the Republic City Police was found out and next thing I know, I’m up to my pretty little straw hat in COPS! If I hadn’t left my secret base to grab some Fire Milk Tea at a shop down the street a few minutes prior, I would probably be making this broadcast from a prison cell. Luckily I had a spare workshop set up somewhere on the outskirts. I’m literally having one of my Dragon Flats Sources power this radio with his bending so please forgive the static. Anyway. As a bender, I can honestly say I’m ashamed at the recent bigotry of the Republic City police department. I understood Councilman Tarrlok’s task force as a response to the Equalist Uprising. I understood Avatar Korra being a part of said task force. I was just happy something was being done to stop the Equalist’s and keep them from taking away bending from more innocent people. But what crossed the line for me was the recent arrest and incarceration of between fifty and two-hundred innocent non benders! The people were arrested for violating a “Curfew” established for Non Bending citizens by Councilman Tarrlok, who instigated said violation himself by cutting power and gas to a whole neighborhood of Non-Benders. The non benders rioted, and the rest is history. This isn’t helping benders! This is hurting non benders! Councilman Tarrlok is guilty of using the “Burn the forest to kill a single Rabid Rabiroo” strategy. It may kill the Rabid Rabiroo, that is the hidden Equalist, but also kills many other healthy animals,that is the neutral law abiding non benders, that contribute to the natural balance in the process! Councilman Tarrlock, I once respected you! You had the guts to go after the Equalists who threaten our very traditions and livelihood! But now you’ve gone too far! You are a disgrace to all three water tribes!

Furthermore, I apologize. I am also guilty of being biased against non-benders as well. I

called for some kind of action to be taken against the Equalists. But I never meant for it to go this far. I was thinking political action, Anti-equalist propaganda, interviews on the radio, something to prove to them that we weren’t all rotten Apple-peaches. Not cutting power to the houses of innocent people. Benders of Republic City, what are we to do? If we sympathize with the plight of the Non benders and the Equalists, we lose everything that makes us who we are. Bending is as much a part of our culture as clay is to a sculptor, or paint to a painter. We lose our bending we lose our culture and our heritage. On the other, much thornier side of the equation, we cannot just IGNORE the needs of the Non Bending community, or we prove the Equalist’s right by doing so.

And the worst part is, for all her hard work, our beautiful Avatar Korra hasn’t been able

to restore balance. If the Old Air Nomad writings are right, It was the avatars purpose to restore balance between the FOUR NATIONS, I doubt their was ever a mention of balance between benders and non benders. So no matter which side Avatar Korra-Chan fights on, someone loses. If she sides with the non-benders centuries of tradition and spiritual beliefs go down the tube, never to be seen again. If she sides with the Benders of Republic City and does beat Amon and restores order, its only a temporary fix. The problem will flare up again, worse than before, eventually resulting in the radical non bender faction winning.

Is there hope? As a Water-Tribe I put my faith in the Spirits, but it seems they have all but

abandoned us. And I’d say we deserve it. Industry is poisoning the globe, mankind has abandoned reverence for the Spirit world in exchange for success in the Material one, need I mention the fact the Hundred Year War all but permanently upset the balance the spirits charged us with? Avatar Roku once said the Four nations are supposed to be just that, four. And now the Air Nomads are all but extinct, not counting Republic City, we are one nation short! The world is out of balance, and the world is unsuccessfully trying to realign itself. I do not know the will of the spirits, but doubt the world as it is today is what they had in mind when they created it.

in other news-

sfx:(window smashes) Republic city Police! Freeze!

oh snapdragons they found me! Raiden out folks! Out like a light! Run Teri!


p.s. this is all just fun in character stuff if it bothers anybody i will stop and only make comments as my real world self.


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