Okay, I'm not publishing the Fanon Just yet. I figured I'd post a blog with the basic plot outline to see if people would be interested in me doing a Fanon.


Forty-Five years after the events of Legend of Korra, the Avatar world is going through a time of political turmoil and spiritual bankruptcy, their worlds equivalent of the 1960's-70's. Satomobiles have Tailfins, Jazz and Bebop have been replaced by early Rock n Roll, Si-Wong Cactus Juice is the latest psychedelic drug on the market, youth are in rebellion against all the traditions of the past, (especially the monarchies and other archaic forms of government that have ruled the Avatar world for many a millennia), and due to the lack of spirituality in this newer modernized world, fewer and fewer benders are being born, and the benders that are being born are slowly but surely being marginalized by a world where advancements in technology have rendered them all but irrelevant, the only job most benders can get in this era is in the military. While all this is going on, it is only a matter of months before Sozin’s comet returns.

Many different political groups, in all nations, with varying intentions, both good and ill, have arisen to take advantage of the turbulent political landscape. The two primary ones, the Tradition Continuity Movement, and the Republic City Reformation Movement, are coming into conflict with each other over which direction the world is to take. Does the world keep the Monarchies around, out of respect for and attempt to preserve the traditions and culture of the past, despite the fact that they inevitably lead to tyranny and suffering? Or does the world move forward, replacing the traditions and governments of the past with more modern ones, that respect the freedom of the individual, despite the fact that said freedom will inevitably result in the destruction of the accomplishments and traditions that past generations held dear? The Earth Kingdom has sided with the Tradition Continuity Movement the majority of the Time, but the Republic City Reformation Movement is gaining more members and support every day. Most of their new members are Teenagers and Young Adults, usually non-benders, while most of the people in government, in charge of the affairs and the monarchy, are older men usually benders. The pressure is building, and the coming conflict between will change both the Earth Kingdom, and the world.

The Avatar, of this new, radically different world, the Earthbender Avatar, named Chan, has been kept a secret by the Earth Kingdom Government. Trained in secret to be an Agent of the Crown, following orders and training in secret without question. Avatar Chan has been raised from birth to protect the traditions of the Earth Kingdom and the world from these revolutionary new ideas popping up all over the globe. He thinks that priority and his Avatar duties lie in preserving the traditions of the past, regardless of the cost. The Earth Kingdom Government wishes to use him as a weapon, but they have yet to utilize all of his abilities, for although he has mastered three of the four elements, He begins to doubt his duty to the Earth Kingdom Monarchy when he begins to learn airbending.

That is until he discovers that the Tradition Continuity Movement isn’t as benign as they say they are, the leaders are planning to Ally with a Fire Nation Supremacist group so they can use the coming return of Sozin’s Comet to destroy every industrialized city on the planet, so that the earth can be purged of the plague of technology, and the balance and traditions of the past (the way they see it) can be restored. They raised Chan to believe in the Balance, four nations, four elements, four peoples, for the balance, so that the Avatar would be on their side, to ensure the people would be on their side 100%.

Chan rejects their ideas, and escapes with his Air Nomad teacher Rohan, making him an enemy the Earth kingdom he had once sworn to protect. What will he choose? The way of the people, that promotes freedom but is inherently destructive to the traditions of the past? Or the way of the Tradition Continuity Movement, which preserves the culture and ways of the past, but promotes tyranny and suppression of individual thought? Or will he choose to make his own way in a world that has rendered him obsolete, and only seeks to use him for political gain?



This Idea began to take shape around the time Legend of Korra came out. Basically, I see a lot of historical parrallels in the ATLA and LOK universe. If the original ATLA was the worlds 1800's and LOK is the 1920's-30's, it's safe to say that the next Avatar would be in the worlds 1960's-70's, at the height of a Cold war, where each nation feared Mutually Assured Destruction. But while the Cold war in our world was brought about by the Atom Bomb. the Cold war in Legend of Chan is being brought about by a natural occurance, the Return of Sozin's Comet.

Basically, I want this Fanon to be ATLA by way of James Bond. But unlike I want this world to have actual character development , I want Chan to have an existential challenge. how does he, the Avatar, an Inherently divine being, fit into a world where technology has rendered mans reliance on both him and the spirit world obsolete?

Let me know what you think of this Fanon! If youd like to see more just Comment!

Raiden Out!

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