As we all know, both Avatar: the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra were excellent series. But at the same time I meet people who still think I am weird for liking Korra. Despite its rather large adult and teen following, many people still refuse to see the Avatar franchise as "Kids Stuff".

While it is true both ATLA and Korra are both still Y7 animated shows on Nickelodeon, they have a lot of political intrigue, martial arts action, excellent visuals, and more plot and character development than the Average "kids cartoon'. Heck the series beat Family Guy and Game of Thrones in the Ratings! Yet, despite its sophistication and universal appeal, most adults refuse to see the "Legend of Korra" as anything more than a kids show (given some of the restroom humor, and more childish content I can't say I blame them).

In my personal opinion, the only way I can see the Legend of Korra franchise gaining any kind of serious adult following, is if Nick finally gets its head out of the water and reboots the franchise with a live action, PG-13 film.

But given the atrocity that was Shymalan's The Last Airbender, the likelihood of a Live Action Legend of Korra film coming along is incredibly low. But in the event the executives at Nickelodeon ever do decide to make a live action Korra Film, I have put together a list of Actors, Actresses, and directors I would like to see in a live action Legend of Korra. I have decided to divide this blog into several parts, to save both time and room, I will divide the blog up into recommendations for actors and actresses per character, and a separate blog for who I would like to see as the director of a live action Legend of Korra. Also, I will only be doing lead characters, no supporting cast like Saikhan, Pema, the Lieutenant, or the Airbender Kids, sorry.

Furthermore, I am looking for actors with the following: Youth, Experience, and Appearance. Martial arts can be taught and/or choreographed but above all else character is essential.

Must be the characters age, or at least be able to pass for it (a'la Dawsons Casting).

Must have starred in at least one relatively successful film and/or TV show.

Must look like the Character without having to wear makeup or Yellowface.

Without Further Ado, lets begin. Lets start with the title character herself, Korra.


Being the primary character, the actress playing Korra must have a significant amount of youth, energy, and Playful Tomboy-ness to to her. I believe the following actresses can pull that off while still being able to look like the character.


Touched by an Angel (2001), The American Pie Franchise (2005), Days of Our Lives (2008), Older Than America (2008), Prey (video game) (2008), Femme Fatales (2012)

Appearance-wise, she is probably the closest to my personal vision for Korra. But more than that., shes really awesome! She is trained in horseback riding, modeling, piano, singing, dance, and weapons. Holds dual US & Canadian citizenship. She'd certainly be able to hold down the Tomboy-martial artist side of Korra's character, would she be able to get Korra's human side as well?


Has Starred In:
Glee (2009-),The Bernie Mac Show (2001-2006),  The Royal Family (1992), Master of Disguise(2002).

She has been known for playing a tomboyish flirtatious teenager in her most popular role, so playing another teenager should be right up her alley. Would she be able to do Korra justice though?


Has Starred In:
Neverland (mini-series) (2011), the New World (2009), The People Speak (2009), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Probably the most successful Native American Actress in Hollywood: She is not only an award-winning actress with high critical acclaim, an amazing singer /songwriter and expert dancer , but also a committed human rights and environmental activist and fearless, powerful young force,who uses her voice as tool to bring the need for universal dignity, compassion, environmental justice and basic Human Rights, to the attention of the international community... Sounds like she'd certainly be interested in the role, given the ATLA's politically fueled backdrop. But would she be able to pull off Korra's character? at Twenty-three She's the oldest of the actors recommended here, would she be able to play Korra for an extended period of time?


Has Starred In:
The Last Airbender (2010), Falling Skies (2011-), Legend of Korra(2012-), Zoey 101 (2008)

Her role as Yue in M. Night Shymalan's The Last Airbender, was probably one of the few good things about that otherwise terrible film. Furthermore, shes already familiar with the franchise  as well as playing a strong complex female character as both Asami (in Legend of Korra), and Lordess (in Falling Skies). I have no doubt she would be able to pull off the character of Korra.

Keep in mind, this is all opinion based. If you like or dislike any of these actresses, or object to any kind of Live Action adaptation of The Legend of Korra, comment below. I'm just putting out what I think about one of the Greatest franchises of all time.

So fellow wikian, who would YOU like to see play Korra in a live action film version?

Raiden Out.

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