Its no secret that I'm not a fan of M. Night Shymalans Slip-shod, racially biased, poorly directed, culturaly insensitive, sorry excuse for an Adaptation. The casting was wrong, the acting was bad, it was just a terrible mess from the get-go. Almost everyone (except Hasdi, who for some reason goes out of his way to defend it) seems to hate the Last Airbender. After having actually seen the film, and hearing that there may even be a sequel in the works ( ), I've decided to tell the fanbase that it is time to take matters into their own hands.

The ATLA fanbase has to do what many fans of many franchises fail to do, atop complaining about how bad the Last Airbender Film was, and MAKE YOUR OWN Live Action Last Airbender Film!

Has anybody on this page heard of "The Akira Project?"

Much like the last airbender film, an adaptation of the Classic Manga and Animated film Akira is in production ( and has been for some time now. But (again much like the last airbender), the Studio heading it (warner brothers) instead of opting for an authentic adaptation, or even a direct live action adaptation of the animated film, have decided to go with a more "Mainstream" approach. Even though the story (again much like the last Airbender) is based on Asian themes, Asian culture, Asian religion and Cultural Values, and whose characters were obviously intended to be Asian.

What do I mean by, "Mainstream?"

<I mean THIS mainstream. whitewashing, Yellowface, whatever, ITS WRONG!

The Akira Project ( Please Donate!

Basically, a group of Asian American fans of the original film and Manga are putting together a Not-For-Profit, 100% Asian cast, Fan Made Akira Web-series. Basically they want to Prove to the world that Hollywood is full of racially Biased, MoneyGrubbing, jerks who wouldn't know a good adaptation if it smacked them in the face. By Making a Better Live Action Akira than Warner Brothers, and proving that films based on Asian Culture CAN be popular without having to whitewash casting.

Personally, I think fans of ATLA and LOK should do something similar. If we, a few fans could somehow make a live Action ATLA with better writing, better acting, better directing, Better Action, and Better CASTING than Shymanlan, Nick, and Paramount, maybe we could somehow get major Studios to take Notice of us, and actually put someone with actual talent and love for both the franchise, and Asian American Actors in the directors chair It could be just the push the Studio needs to reboot the live action ATLA franchise, and make Avatar the RIGHT way,

I know it seems just a bit Far Fetched, but things like this can happen!

Have any of you ever heard of Kevin Harwick Tancharoen? You probably dont know him for his work on Glee. But for those of you who play video games, or troll the internet often enough, know him for his work on this little film (PG-13: not for kids)

the short film was made without studio involvement on a $7,500 budget, filmed over a weekend, and completed in two months to show Warner Bros. Tancharoen's vision of a re-imagined Mortal Kombat film.[1]He accidentally made it available to the general public, who quickly voiced an overwhelmingly positive response. due to this Warner Bros actually gave him creative freedom, and he is now actually going to direct a full length Film.

If a man who worked on GLEE can make a fan film thats SO good it actually gets the attention of a Major Studio. whats to say a Fan of the ATLA franchise cannot do the same thing? Get a few friends together, pool your paychecks, take some classes, travel to Asia or shoot in an Asian american Neighborhood if you have to! Start a website! Stop Petitioning, its been tried millions of times before and IT DOESN'T WORK! Noone hates their audience more than a Big budget Hollywood Studio like Fox, Paramount, or Warner Brothers. They wont listen to petitions, they wont listen to words, they wont listen to protests, they wont listen to people like George Takei, Racebending.Com, or me, but what they will listen to is what is popular, and when something is popular, they'll want nothing more than to capitalize on it.

This is my challenge to YOU fans of ATLA, and LOK. I've decided to get off my backside and start doing something about Hollywoods abuse of good franchises, have YOU?

This is RAIDENRADIO sounding off and Signing off.

Raiden out.

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