Okay, lets get something straight here, I enjoy the Promise, and I'm sure the upcoming comic book "the Search" will be excellent as well,but I do have a few issues with the new ATLA comics (particularly the Promise). the fight scenes aren't done that well, a few of the characters aren't developed that well, and I feel the writer (Gene Yang) was talking down to the fanbase, instead of making an 'All Ages' comic book, most of "The Promise" came off to me as a kids comic that didn't have much to offer older viewers.

Furthermore, my biggest issue with "the Promise" was THE ART. The art just (much like the writing) came off to me as being far too childish in style, both LOK and the original ATLAs animation style had a sophisitication to the art that the Promise seems to gloss over in favor of a more typical cartoony kids comic style.

Anyway, despite my gripes about the lack of good ATLA comics (with a few exceptions, Johane Matte's free comic book day story one shot was incredibly sophisticated for childrens comic). I believe ATLA has great potential to have an expanded comic book universe on par with the Star Wars franchise. But only if both Nick and Darkhorse Comics get their heads in the game and realize that ATLA is "ALL AGES" not just for children, and that both the Art and the writing should be able to tow that line between whimsical childrens fantasy and darker Adult themes that the animated series does so well.

Anyway, here are a few reccomendations for who I would have do the art for an Avatar: The Last Airbender, or Legend of Korra comic book/graphic novel. Artists that i believe could sucessfully tow that line, and find the balance between the two that made the original series so good!

here they are:


KNOWN FOR: Brodys Ghost, Miki Falls A very underappreciated artist from the world of Indy self publishing. I would describe his art as Childish, yet sophisticated, definitely inspired by the Likes of Miyazaki. Furthermore, almost all of his artwork is age appropriate. So nick wouldn't have to worry about him crossing any lines, that would affect their Y7 only rating. He would be perfect for an ATLA comic.

Heres the link to his personal website.


Known For: GEN 13, Empowered (NSFW), Udon Comics Street Fighter, Gameinformer.

As good at illustrating wacky over the top comedy as he is for dark serious, violent action. Adam Warren in excellent at blending Superhero style action with a truy unique manga inspired style.

  • 3 Genzoman ( Gonzalo Ordoñez Arias)

Known For: Udon Comics Street Fighter, Clash of the Titans (the Graphic Novel adaptation),

One of Udon comics mainstay artists, operating out of Chile, this man is incredibly good at illustrating fantasy visuals, with an incredibly complex unique style I personally refer to as "Frank Frazetta-meets Rumiko Takahashi" Furthermore, he's a HUGE fan of ATLA himself! If he was ever offered the job to do an ATLA comic, I bet he'd be more than willing!

look at his art!

after seeing that, tell me you dont want to see him do a one shot comic in his style. I'll bet you cant.

2. Humberto Ramos.

Known for: the Amazing Spider Man, Astonishing X-men. Deadpool.

Much like Adam Warren, Humberto Ramos is a superhero Comic artist who takes his visual asthetic from Japanese Comic books and Anime. Overexaggerated expressions and body types are present throughout his work, and y'know what, it works! Even when he's drawing the most violent, over the top Action Scenes or personal drama of his characters, I cant help but smile when seeing his art. Which I believe is just the tone an ATLA comic book needs.

1.Omar Dogan!

Known for: Udon Comics Street Fighter, Girl Seven, 5th Capsule,

Incredible, Well Detailed,Sexy, Kinetic, Clean, Action Packed, Beautiful, In a Class of its own. I'm just going to come right out and say it OMAR DOGANS ART ROCKS! Its what made me want to draw again. Probably the most successful artist drawing in the Manga style. His art is what happens when Japanese influence meets an American-level Budget and Creative power. The Panels in his comics are so well done they appear as if they are cels from an Anime series on par with Korra! I just want to say this, if he ever did an Avatar the last airbender comic, even if it was only a one shot, seeing the characters I grew up with drawn in his style, I would die happy.

What do you think of my reccomendations? Like Dislike? Which one would YOU like to see draw ATLA? If my choices do not interest you then what's your favorite comic book artist? Who would you like to see draw an ATLA or LOK tie-in comic book? Comment below and tell me YOUR reccomendations.

Raiden out!

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