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         Hey. Raiden here again. I know its been a while since my last blog. Anyways . . . last time I really put a genuine blog with my thoughts in it on the wiki was a few years back. It became  a featured Blog, that discussed why the fanbase should continue to support Korra despite its flaws. Apparently that paper wasn't enough to convince enough people to support the show, because now the show has officially been made an internet exclusive. Maybe it's for the best, or not who can say.

    I'm typing this blog up as a response (sort've) to Hasdi Bravo's blog discussing who is to blame for the Last Airbender failing. I'll post a link to that blog here.

    I have nothing Nice to say about Hasdi these days. He's pretty loathsome.

    Bottom line, regardless…

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    Raiden Radio! Representing United Republic! Here with a slightly more serious blog post, tackling a very. . . unusual topic for the ATLA and LOK fanbase.

    Much like Korra, Aang, and Wan before him Michael is currently on his own quest for enlightenment (if his Tumblr posts abut his trip to India is anything to judge by). Recently he posted the following on his tumblr page and his website. Where he discusses the influences on Korra, and his own budding spiritual beliefs. it also may explain a few plotholes, and rushed plot point present in the series finale.

    I hope you all take time to read it.

    The original post is here.


    It was a long, at times difficult journey, but…

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    Raiden Here.

    I'm noticing a recurring pattern in the Airbender fanbase lately. A rift, a division, a great divide in the Airbender Fanbase. Some people tend to accept and love Legend of Korra despite it's flaws, while others condemn it and say it is a betrayal of everything the original series stood for. Have you noticed that whenever something Good about Legend of Korra is mentioned on the wiki, this, this and this are brought up. But whenever anything Bad about Legend of Korra is mentioned, this, this, and THIS are brought up?

    Listen, fellow ATLA and LOK fans, I feel your pain. I don't agree with some of the changes made to the Airbender-verse in Korra, but for the most part I can let that pass, and I see the fanbase crying over cosmetic cha…

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    Yo, yo, I'm on the attack. . .  Raiden's back with a brand new rap! Hello Fellow Airbender Fans! Troubling News from the front!

    Bryan Konietzko, one of the Co-Creators of Avatar: The LAst Airbender, and Legend Of Korra, recently responded to a post on his tumblr page by an Anonymous Contributor who, (essentially) accused him of whitewashing his own production, because (according to him).

    "None of Katara and Aangs kid share Katara's Complexion. ;_;"

    Basically, Bryan struck back at the Anonymous with a wall of text. explaining his opinions on Racebending/Whitewashing of characters of Color (both his own and others), his frustrations with certain aspec…

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    The Revelation is upon us my Brothers and Sisters!

    One of my favorite internet Celebrities (and possibly the funniest), Doug Walker AKA The Nostalgia Critic. Has stated that he plans to review M. Night Shymalan's adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender! I'm really excited personally. We (and by we I mean the majority of the Airbender and TGWTG fanbase) have been asking him to review Shymalans horrid sorry excuse of an adaptation since the day it was released!

    He has taken shots at the film before, he had a few clips of it in his review of M Night Shymalan'sSigns and has mentioned the animated series and Iroh's Voice Actor Mako in his Review ofRed Sonja.

    But he has never actually reviewed the film itself. But now he's doing it, and I think it…

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