It has come to my attention that I didn't describe the Banshee's in my fanon that well. Here is the overall description of them (there really isn't enough info on them to put up a whole page for them).

DISCRIPTION OF THE "BANSHEE'S" They move like The Gecko, with carved masks like the Blue Spirit's, though not as ornate, and they are larger and don't cover their mouths. They wear animal skins over most of their bodies, with leaves sown in for extra camo. They do airbend, as does the the man that landed with the bison. They are violent because of Afiko, which will be explained in the next chapter. Feel free to ask any questions if you still have them. Also, check out my blog, User blog:Ragnell wielder/Fanon character names, if you want to. The man on the bison is not affiliated with them.

They utilize airbending, and are skilled "Soundbenders", more will be explained on that later.

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