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  • Raghava Shah

    Petition for ATLA

    November 25, 2013 by Raghava Shah

    I recently stumbled upoun a petition to create a one hour special showing the lives of the charactars of ATLA after ATLA. Creating the one hour special would benefit the fans and Nickelodeon. It would let the fans see their favourite characters from the Avatar universe being brought back to life once more. It would also bring in tons of revenue for Nickelodeon. This one hour special would also give us the action we miss from the T.V. show and can't quite get from the comic books. We hope this poll can successfully persuade Nickelodeon to re-create the comic book adventures and do all of its dedicated fans a service. We are hoping we can get at least 2 million people to sign this. We know this is a lot to ask for, but we think we can do it.…

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  • Raghava Shah

    Hey guys and gals! Im just making this blog for you guys too chat and the discuss the Sseason 2 premiere of Lok, which I personally thougt was great!!!!! Thanks and please comment!

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  • Raghava Shah

    What if Azula is...

    September 8, 2013 by Raghava Shah

    I just finished reading The Search Part 2 (I know I'm a "little" late)  and I just realized something.... what if Azula is the bastard child and the child of Ikem, not Zuko? All and all it would kind of make sense because Ursa KEPT saying that she loved her and the throne wasn't her destiny meaning that it could be interperated into she isnt the rightful heir too the thone and that throne that she wanted her whole life isn't her destiny and her true path/destiny can be something more for her and something out of the Fire Nation (Politics). I could also see why Ursa and Ozai would lie too protect her because if an child with no royal blood turned out being stroger then the true heir (Zuko) then Chaos would erupt within the Fire Nation. Plea…

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