When I first joined the Wiki, I felt a little unsure and uneasy... But then... But then... It hit me! Users! People like Taddles and Ultimate were welcoming me to the Wiki, it instantly made me feel at home. To be honest, I wanted to be well known on the wiki, I mean who doesn’t. I think we all spire to one day have 10 talk page archives and be on the leader board! I know I do! I guess it’s human nature...

Anywho, the users on this wiki are the friendliest and most loving community on the internet! I have been on many sites and wiki’s, and none compare to the Avatar Wiki’s friendliness, quality and pure epicness!

I want to encourage everyone to follow in this suit, welcome new users, stalk people (Trust me, it pays off! If it wasn't for the power of stalking I wouldn't have become such great friends with Tsumi or Seliah!), keep UP your great work, and aspire to be #1! (Sorry Bos!)

"For making a good start, social interaction is the best method for knowing newer users and being a good part of the community. What are talk pages and IRC for? A strong community can't be built without any interaction between users." - Natsu11

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