Hi there, fellow fun people! Rage here reviewing Vakama's Tale by DanMan7308.

Overview: "“Vakama's Tale goes through the story of a 15 year old teen named Vakama who has been trapped in the Spirit World in Koh's very own cave. It will explain his struggles and how he plans to escape.”"

Vakama’s Tale is the story of Vakama, a young Firebending soldier-in-training, but it seems our hero will not be fighting humans, no, he will be fighting himself, his own emotions, for this is the only way to fight a spirit named Koh.

““Ah, you woke up, good morning Vakama”, Koh said with his owl face.” This is not the greeting any sane person would want to wake up to, unfortunately for Vakama, he has no choice. He has been trapped in the Spirit World for 10 years now, and a certain face stealer won’t let him out of it’s sight. How Vakama remains impassive and keeps his mind intact is beyond human, a feat that has been pestering Koh for a decade, one he both admires and loathes.

What this story does is wonderful. It throws you into Vakama's story, no, it throws you right into Koh's horrid lair. But it does more than that, it brings to light aspects of the spirit world, spirits, and the mythology of the Avatar world, previously questioned and some untouched. Vakama's Tale takes you into the life of a human and the life of a spirit, their thoughts and secrets, insecurities, hopes, regrets, things these polar opposites share alike.

This tale uses what I find to be elaborate metaphors and paints quite a vivid image. Although the chapters are short, they are so well constructed that it leaves you wanting more and more.

Script: Very well done, the structure is excellent! - 9.1/10

Story: Truly wonderful, unique, empathetic, lovely! - 9.8/10

Dialogue: The dialogue makes the characters, this dialogue truly gives them character! - 9.7/10

Characters: Good characters, unique. The development is there, contrast too. - 9.7/10

Genre: This story suits the Drama genre very well. It has all the elements needed. - 9.6/10

Writing: Nice creative language. Develop this a little and we have a winner! - 9.2/10

Keeps You Reading: What can I say, it truly does. It's amazing how you just want more! - 10/10

Summery: This is a great fic with even more potential. Keep writing, developing, and be creative. The final score: 9.5/10

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