My review for 'The Last Airbender' as follows:


Opening Sequence

The Opening sequence was the first thing that bothered me. It set the whole feel for the movie: Cheap. I think that a live action version of the opening sequence is a great idea, but the weird metal-like and incorrect Chinese characters made it look like some old Kung-Fu movie. No offence, I love old Kung-Fu movies! The bending in the sequence was also poor, the effects were OK but it was untimed.

Secondly the whole thing about the scrolling words reminded me of Star Wars. I love Star Wars but it just did not suit Avatar. About that, in the sequence Katara says: '... The Four Nations: Water, Earth, Fire and Air Nomads lived...'. This implies that all four Nations were Nomads. She should have said: '... The Four Nations: The Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Air Nomads lived...'.


I am sorry but do you call that bending, fighting or even dancing? The bending was terrible. The Firebenders looked like they were having spaz attacks and what is up with the Earthbender Macarina! It - Was - Sad!


The fact that Firebenders need an external source of fire to bend is just stupid. How did they get this far in the war? Those captured Earthbenders could have easily freed themselves.


This is a very controversial subject. But I feel the character representation was stupid. Avatar is set in an Asian-based universe. The Water Tribe clearly have a dark skin and Inuit like looks. The Fire Nation are clearly pale. I just don't like this. Also, I do not mean to sound racist, but why were there black folks. Don't get me wrong, I mean no offence, but Shyamalan said himself that the main characters would set the race for their nation. It is obvious the Earth Kingdom is Asian, the Fire Nation Indian and the Water Tribe Caucasian. The Air Nomads seemed to be mixed with white and black but they are extinct. So are those villagers Air Nomads?






Shyamalan did not do us any mercy here. Firstly, he left out key figures like Roku, Suki, Jet, Haru, Bumi and Jeong Jeong. I know Suki will be in the next movie but still. And the spirit world was so incredibly low rent, it looked like a tea party. Where in the name of Kataang is Koh?!


Why oh why did he have to butcher the characters names... Aang = Uhng Sokka = Soakah Zuko = Zuhko Iroh = Heero etc. If they dare pronounce Toph as 'Toef' or 'Tofu' I will sue someone.


The Ember Island Players version was way better than this... Sucks...

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