Here it is, my fellow Avatards! A merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! It has been quite a year for us, hasn't it? We have gained and lost, no, temporarily lost, many great users! Well, to me it has been a great year, I met a bunch of crazy awesome people. Amongst those are:

Tsuminohime - One of my closest friends on the wiki, and fellow weirdo, you brighten my days.

Seliah Jade - Another of my closest friends here, I truly enjoy our conversations and language experiments.

Omashu Rocks - Yet again one of my close friends on the wiki, thanks for inspiring me to continue my fanons.

Cutekittenkatara - A good friend and such a friendly user, smiles all round.

Theavatardemotivator - Such a fun friend, always with a joke. I still owe you a .gif!

Rassilon of Old - What a great guy, thank you for all your help, come back soon!

Vulmen - Good man, good man! Thanks for being the centre of my Vulmen jokes!

Moon Beam - What a friendly and helpful user, thank you, thank you!

LoveHopeDream123 - Another good friend, always popping in to see how I am.

PreservationsWings - Yet another good friend, and such a patient one too! I'm almost, almost, almost done!

PSUAvatar14 - Thank you for all your help and friendlyness! Thank you!

Oh the list can go on, and on, and on, and on! But alas! So a thank you to you all, each and every user! Love you guys!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Love, Weirdo.

Appa Sprite Rage  Of  Fluffy

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