As you all know, competition is in the air! Now I present to you a new addition: The Character Creation Contest! This contest will test your skills in character creation and applying the character in a situation. There will be three rounds. There will be five winners for the first round and two for the second who will go into the last round to decide the winner. All entries and the winner will be placed here after each round ends.

The winner will be given a userbox to put on their user page.


  • No inappropriate content like swearing, sexual reference, etc.
  • Do not copy ideas from anyone else!
  • Do not bad mouth another contestant's entry!
  • All entries emailed to
  • If you enter, comment telling me!
  • Have fun!

Round 1

In this round you must create a character following this guide OR create a character page on the wiki:




Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Weapon(s) of Choice:

Fighting Style:






Trivia(If applicable):

Winners of Round 1

This round is closed. Winners are (in no particular order):

Congratulations to winners of round 1. Please continue to round 2.

Round 2

In this round you will have to apply your character in a given situation.

Write a short story in which your character plays the main role. This story must be centered around your character meeting the Avatar of the time and how he/she reacts and resolves. Good luck!

Winners of Round 2

This round is now open.

Round 3

Information on this round will be released when it opens.

Winners of Round 3

This round is yet to be opened.



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CCC 2011 Succeeded by
CCC 2012 TBD

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