Theavatardemotivator has come up with a brilliant idea to celebrate Avatar's 3 years in our lives: An Avatar re watch. To commemorate each episode we will be asked to answer a question about that episode after we watched it. I will be doing it in blog form!

June 24

The Boy in the Iceberg

Q: "Of all the characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender, who would you like to rescue out an iceberg? Why?"

A: Aang. He's the Avatar silly! Here to spread joy and fun! Avatar state! Yip yip!

The Avatar Returns

Q: "Would you want to be the Avatar? Why?"

A: Maybe, maybe not. Having to keep constant balance in the world is a daunting task, but with hard work it can be done. And all the elements are all bendy like!

The Southern Air Temple

Q: "You're starving. You haven't eaten in days, and your stomach is twisting painfully . . . and now you find a bat lemur. Do you eat it or make it your pet?"

A: I make it my pet! I could never eat it! Its so... So... Cute!

June 25

The Warriors of Kyoshi

Q: "What are your thoughts on sexism? Have a story about it? Share."

A: Sexism is stupid! I hate it. Why do people think men are better than woman. I have a lot of respect for women... The whole childbirth thing.

The King of Omashu

Q: "Make up a crazy challenge for a character. Which one and what challenge?"

A: I challenge King Bumi to duel against Toph... Blindfolded!


Q: "For what would you willingly go to prison?"

A: I would willingly go to prison in the stead of one of my friends or someone I love.

June 26

Winter Solstice Part 1: The Spirit World

Q: "Imagine if your friend/love/family/pet/breakfast was in mortal danger. Would you help?"

A: Of course I would help! I can't stand to see my breakfast in danger!

Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Roku

Q: "Would you accept a quest that could likely end in you losing your life?"

A: Depends on the quest. If its success will determine the fate of the world or someone I am close to, then yes.

The Waterbending Scroll

Q: "What type of bender would you want to be - or no bender at all?"

A: This is a hard one. I would probably want to be the Avatar. Hehe. If I had to choose... Earth... Then Water... Then Air... Then Fire... ALL OF THEM!

June 27


Q: "What's your opinion about love?"

A: Love is a beautiful thing but it is also terrible. Unless love is real, it only causes pain and it consumes and destroys you. You will never be whole again.

The Great Divide

Q: "Do you think that you can intervene to solve another's conflicts?"

A: Perhaps...

June 28

The Storm

Q: "If you had to send a nightmare - not a dream, a nightmare! - to any one character in the show, who would it be, and what would the nightmare be?"

A: I would send Sozin a nightmare which scares him so much it gives him a heart attack. This isn't against site policy is it?

The Blue Spirit

Q: "Lock two or more characters in a room/box/whatever and assign them something to do . . together. A challenge, if you will."

A: Zuko and Azula. I would tell them to make nice or else they are both grounded for life!

The Fortune Teller

Q: "Do you believe in fortunetelling? Why or why not?"

A: I do not believe in fortune telling but I do believe in destiny. Your purpose will always be there, whether you embrace it or not. From the start, from their birth, Katara was destined to defeat Azula. Zuko was destined to rule the Fire Nation and end the war. Aang was destined to defeat Ozai. Toph, Suki and Sokka was destined to save the Earth Kingdom. Etc, etc, etc...

June 29

Bato of the Water Tribe

Q: "Have you ever felt foreign? Not necessarily from another country. Maybe due to your gender, religion, likes, etc.?"

A: Yes. My family doesn't like me because I'm interested in Eastern culture and teachings. Just because you don't understand something it does not make it bad or weird!

The Deserter

Q: "Have you ever hurt someone by accident?"

A: Plenty of times. Sometimes myself even.

The Northern Air Temple

Q: "Ever experienced culture shock?"

A: Yes. I experience it everyday... It's my own culture that shocks me!

June 30

The Waterbending Master

Q: "Love . . . think about Yukka shipping for a moment. Was Yue right? She didn't love Hahn; she loved Sokka. Should she have gone with Sokka? What are your views on marrying for love?"

A: Yue was wrong to accept her fate. She should have gone with Sokka. Marrying for love is the only reason to marry, but not a love for your people, money, etc.

The Siege of the North, Part 1

Q: "Have you ever felt like you just couldn't do something?"

A: Yes, I have. I believe that we all have, otherwise we are not human.

The Siege of the North, Part 2

Q: "Should Zhao have been killed or spared?"

A: Zhao should have been spared, no one deserves death. But if one messes with the balance of this world, one must anticipate the wrath of nature. But alas, ultimately it was his arrogance that killed him.

July 1

The Avatar State

Q: "Have you ever been forced to use your talents against your will?"

A: Yes.

The Cave of Two Lovers

Q: "Awkward love moment time. Share yours."

A: Before/After my first kiss. We were in my pantry. Just standing there. Nuff said.

Return to Omashu

Q: "Would you ever leave a friend, even if s/he asked you to leave him?"

A: No. Friends stick together. Friends always knows best. Friends are forever.

July 2

The Swamp

Q: "Whom would you see in the Swamp? If it's too painful, don't answer."

A: My friend.

Avatar Day

Q: "If you were Aang, would you defend the honor of the Avatar, or would you flee before you could be discovered?"

A: Defend the honor of the Avatar... And give a better defense speech...

The Blind Bandit

Q: "Have you ever been protected "for your own good", even if it wasn't actually good for you? "

A: Well, not protected, more like moved away...

July 3

Zuko Alone

Q: "If you were to see Lee - the kid Zuko saved - what would your first reaction be?"


The Chase

Q: "Sleep deprivation! What are your experiences with it?"

A: Once me and my friend, JC, had a crazy time. We watched random movies and played PC games for two days and two nights straight through. Then 4-o-clock the next morning we walked from my house into town to buy donuts. There we fell asleep on the beach, woke up, bought KFC and donuts, walked home and slept... Allot...

Bitter Work

Q: "In terms of your life, are you more like Zuko or Aang in this chapter?"

A: Kind of like both, a little more than Zuko. Like Aang I am constantly pressured, but for the wrong reasons... Like Zuko, yeah the universe pretty much hates me... So who wants some pie?

July 4

The Library

Q: "Life or knowledge? The age old question."

A: Knowledge is the ultimate weapon, but what good is it if you are not there to utilize it. So life.

The Desert

Q: "Which is, in your opinion, the most emotional/touching scene in this chapter?"

A: Where Aang goes into the Avatar State.

July 5

The Serpents Pass

Q: "Have you ever lost your hope and drive only to have something bring it back?"

A: I think so... Right?

The Drill

Q: "Who contributed most to the destruction of the drill?"

A: I think Sokka, Aang, Katara, Toph, The Terra Team and the Outer Wall Guards had equal contributions. But it was Katara and Aang who put the most effort into it.

July 6

City of Walls and Secrets

Q: "Have you ever felt like you needed to do something, only to have someone or something obstruct your path? How do you get around it? Could you get around it?"

A: Oh yeah, all the time... Like when I try to go on the internet or run a program my computer decides to be stubborn and freezes... Then I hit it... Then it works...

Tales of Ba Sing Se

Q: "Which tale was your favorite? Why?"

A: The Tale of Momo. It shows that animals have emotion too... And it's heartwarming and sad...

July 7

Appa's Lost Days

Q: "Animal cruelty. Thoughts?"

A: The worst kind. Animals should not be called animals but rather species, or at least treated like equals. Although meat is awesome.

Lake Laogai

Q: "Do you think Jet should have died? Why didn't Katara heal him with the Spirit Oasis Water?"

A: Because it's a plot device.

July 8

The Earth King

Q: "Do you think that convincing the Earth King could ever have prevented the coup? Why or why not?"

A: Apparently not. They convinced him, the Coup still happened.

The Guru

Q: "Favorite chakra. Why?"

A: Naval Chakra and Root Chakra. These are the Fire and Earth Chakras.

The Crossroads of Destiny

Q: "Should Zuko have joined the group, and should Katara have used the Spirit Oasis Water on his scar? Kind of a What If here."

A: Perhaps. But I believe what happened was meant to happen. It let everyone grow as a person.

July 9

The Awakening

Q: "Ever needed your honor back? What's your opinion on honor?"

A: Not really. I have no opinion or need of honor.

The Headband

Q: "Blending in or hiding out?"

A: Blending in.

July 10

The Painted Lady

Q: "Do you think what Katara did was right? Would you have done the same?"

A: Yes, it was. Perhaps I would.

Sokka's Master

Q: "Ever felt like a fifth wheel?"

A: All the time.

July 11

The Beach

Q: "For whom did you feel most sorry?"

A: For Azula.

The Avatar and the Firelord

Q: "Do you think what Sozin did was right? Do you think that Roku could have acted differently? How is the next generation affected by what we do?"

A: Seriously, Aang beat a volcano with one element and without the Avatar State. Roku was a fully realized Avatar... Sozin was pretty much a jerk...

July 12

The Runaway

Q: "Scams. Is cheating a cheater a-okay?"

A: Nope.

The Puppetmaster

Q: "Analyze Hama. Do you think, in her circumstances, what she did was right?"

A: No. She was blinded by her anger. Revenge is never the right thing.

Nightmares and Daydreams

Q: "What's your way of coping with stress?"

A: Writing poetry, bashing my PC, talking to myself...

July 13

Day of Black Sun, Part One: The Invasion

Q: "Did Zuko's decision make sense in context? Why or why not? Didn't it seem too sudden, considering how happy he was with Mai [and etc.] in the last chapter?"

A: It seemed a bit random... Why didn't he take Mai with? Imagine Mai in the Gaang!

Day of Black Sun, Part Two: The Eclipse

Q: "Do you think Aang should have abandoned the Invasion [as the Invasion asked him to do?], or do you think he should have stayed and fought?"

A: No idea...

July 14

The Western Air Temple

Q: "If you were in the Gaang, would you have accepted Zuko, considering the past history?"

A: I guess I would.

The Firebending Masters

Q: "Firebending. Destruction, life, or both? How can this analogy be moved to other things?"

A: Like all the elements, Fire is destruction and life. Earthquakes , Tsunamis and Tornadoes cause just as much destruction, but all four elements gives life.

July 15

The Boiling Rock, Part One

Q: "Why do you think Chit Sang's girlfriend and friend weren't involved in the second attempt?"

A: Goof/Plot Device/Chit Sang is a noodlebrain...

The Boiling Rock, Part Two

Q: "Would you betray your friend for your love?"

A: Depends... Depends on how my friends feel and who they are... etc...

July 16

The Southern Raiders

Q: "Is violence ever the answer? Is revenge like a two-headed rat viper?"

A: No! Violence is NEVER the answer. Revenge is like a two-headed rat viper, even though you might not go down immediately, you are consumed and destroyed...

The Ember Island Players

Q: "Are you sympathetic with Aang or Katara here? What could they have done differently? What are their motives?"

A: Seriously... Worst play ever...

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