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  • RageOfFluffy

    Hi there, fellow fun people! Rage here reviewing Vakama's Tale by DanMan7308.

    Overview: "“Vakama's Tale goes through the story of a 15 year old teen named Vakama who has been trapped in the Spirit World in Koh's very own cave. It will explain his struggles and how he plans to escape.”"

    Vakama’s Tale is the story of Vakama, a young Firebending soldier-in-training, but it seems our hero will not be fighting humans, no, he will be fighting himself, his own emotions, for this is the only way to fight a spirit named Koh.

    ““Ah, you woke up, good morning Vakama”, Koh said with his owl face.” This is not the greeting any sane person would want to wake up to, unfortunately for Vakama, he has no choice. He has been trapped in the Spirit World for 10 yea…

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  • RageOfFluffy

    Merry Christmas

    December 24, 2011 by RageOfFluffy

    Here it is, my fellow Avatards! A merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! It has been quite a year for us, hasn't it? We have gained and lost, no, temporarily lost, many great users! Well, to me it has been a great year, I met a bunch of crazy awesome people. Amongst those are:

    Tsuminohime - One of my closest friends on the wiki, and fellow weirdo, you brighten my days.

    Seliah Jade - Another of my closest friends here, I truly enjoy our conversations and language experiments.

    Omashu Rocks - Yet again one of my close friends on the wiki, thanks for inspiring me to continue my fanons.

    Cutekittenkatara - A good friend and such a friendly user, smiles all round.

    Theavatardemotivator - Such a fun friend, always with a joke. I still owe you a .gif!


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  • RageOfFluffy

    Would You Read It?

    October 23, 2011 by RageOfFluffy

    I know, I know! I already have two fanons which are going quite slow, but I have a new idea which I want to put into fanon-form, and I need you guys to tell me if you would read it! Basically the fanon will be a documentary-like story, telling the tale of a war. It won’t have dialogue like “normal” fanons, but it will have one or two quotes. It will be full of daring military strategies, coup d’états, raging battles, and many excessive adjectives! Please tell me what you think and if I should go ahead with it, that is if you will read it!

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  • RageOfFluffy

    If the world of Avatar had it's 7 wonders, what would they be? The great city of Ba Sing Se? The Great Divide? The Western Air Temple? The Spirit Oasis? Tell me, what do you think?

    • Ba Sing Se
    • The Great Divide
    • The Western Air Temple
    • The Spirit Oasis
    • Wan Shi Tong's Library
    • The Northern Water Tribe
    • The Foggy Swamp
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  • RageOfFluffy

    Hey there, fun people! Is it just me or does the wiki seem like it's dying? So many people are leaving and some just dissapear. For instance, Oli left not to long ago, and I havn't seen Nathan on the Stalking Page/Wiki Activity Page in a long time. What's going on? Is this the wiki's waning days?

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