I have just re-watched “The Day of Black Sun” episodes and a few questions come to mind. I think that

the Eclipse on Day of Black Sun

these 2 episodes were great and I am sure to kids it was golden, but I believe that adult viewers like me might agree with me that the plot was mishandled. Before I say why I need to point out that I love the series and believe that it’s one of the greatest piece of television and certainly one of the best cartoon of all time, but I had two main problems with these episodes.
Hakoda motivates the troops

The Invasion force

1. In terms of military strategy and war, this episode was very curious. If the nations were so desperate to end the war then logically speaking the eclipse was by far a military advantage like no other. There enemy was completely vulnerable and mounting an attack on this day should have been of great prime importance. I know that Ba Sing Sei had fallen, but I am convinced that there were thousands of Soldiers and resistance groups out there that should have been consulted and added to the invasion forces. This way the attack would me more effective, efficient and swift and it would have given Aang far more time and resources to look for Ozai. I found it even more curios that the fire nation, also having fore-knowledge of the invasion, still left such a small army to defend them during the eclipse. I know that it was a trap but this trap would have been ineffective against a massive invasion force, as it would have been quickly dealt with and the palace would have been stormed and the secondary defence force found before the eclipse was over.

2. The second point is: Azula’s eversion of Aang, Sokka and Toph was over the top and a bit contradictory to
what the series had established.
· First Azula’s agility was beyond what had been established previously, only Ty Lee and maybe Sukki and Mai had been established as that agile, Aang had been established as the fastest person, since he used airbending to accelerate himself, and yet he failed to pin down Azula not to mention Toph who could interpret movement through seismic sense was also pursuing her. One can point out that Aang was in an unfamiliar and enclosed environment which made it difficult to accelerate and this might be a factor but I don’t think there is much in that since Aang could have limited his speed but still be fast enough to catch Azula, the place wasn’t that much of a hazard. There is also the point that the Dia Li were there but given the way they were on the retreat that should have given Toph enough time to pin down Azula.
File:Sokka pressures Azula.png
· Second Sokka’s eventual succumbing to Azula’s delay tactics was to me out of character. I know that his loss of Yue (someone he loved) at the North Pole and his love for Sukki would be a valid psychological reason to explain why he tried to threaten Azula into revealing Sukki’s location but in this situation I thought it was a bit invalid. The reason is; Sokka was intelligent enough to have realised that his best choice to rescue Sukki was first to defeat the Fire Lord then make Azula talk. Sokka has already deduced that Azula was stalling them and I’m sure he was intelligent enough to realise that even if Azula told him were Sukki was he could not do anything about it at the moment as getting to Ozai was by far more important. Even when Aang told him she won’t talk he still didn’t listen and seemed like the mention of Sukki completely shut Sokka’s ability to think. Funny thing is the minute fire bending came back he snapped back to reality quickly which made me ask the question in the first place, if it was psychological then I believe He should have at least tried to attack Azula then be stopped and calmed down, but he just snapped out of it and seemed to completely forget about her since we never saw him worry or get depressed that Sukki was in prison after that. It was so amazing how they made him loose it in the space a few minutes and then regain complete control as soon as the eclipse ended. It just seemed to me a convenience thing about making sure Aang never found the Fire Lord in time.

I believe that, both the invasion and defensive forces should have been massive ultimately bring the war to the fire nation, the fire nation should have one of cause forcing team Avatar to retreat and regroup and follow the same path as the series. This would have helped thicken the plot by living all the nations completely vulnerable when the comet cam as their forces would have been trapped or imprisoned in the fire nation. Also Azula’s eversion should have been made with more Dia Lee agents and less agility to better explain her prolonged escape, and Sokka should have been shown being torn apart by the hearing that Sukki was imprisoned but still continue to search for Ozai, only this time do it because he wanted Ozai defeated so that he could find Sukki, they without the information as to where Ozai was, they would have wondered in there ran into resistance and eventually yield to the fact that they need to retreat as it was no longer a good option to keep fighting.

My 2 cents what do you think?

Overal rating 7.5/10

Wikipedia: Season Three of Avatar: The Last Airbender, an American animated television series on Nickelodeon, first aired its 21 episodes from September 21, 2007 to July 19, 2008. »[1][2][3][4]

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