Aang's enhanced firebending

Battle at Wulong Forest

I once asked this Question in a post and had some interesting feedback but I thought I’d write a blog about it in more detail and hopefully get some feedback from you guys. In what order do you Rank the importance of the victories team Avatar, and the Order, won in the final battle and how will history rank the heroes?

I know some people would say they are all equally important and I respect your opinion but I have to dis agree. While each victory was significant, others had a greater impact than the others. This how I ranked them


Aang Defeats Ozai using Energy Bending

1. Aang’s Defeat of the Fire Lord: This was the most important victory as it effectively ended the war. Without this Victory the war would have continued even if the other were successful in their battles. It’s like in a game of chess, it is only over if the king is in check mate not when you have many of the opponent’s pieces. This thus makes Aang the greatest Hero of the battle.

2. Sokka’s disabling of the war ships fleet: This victory to me is almost as important as Aang’s. Sokka effectively stopped Genocide on a scale so powerful the world would have been thrown beyond saving. If this victory was never achieved ending the war would not have mattered that much as highly likely other nations would have just gone all crazy on the fire nation and start another war. Without this victory balance would have been all but lost for a long, long time. This thus makes Sokka Suki and Toph the leading contenders for the top hero spots but I will rank them later.

Order of the White Lotus members

The Order About to Free Ba Sing Se

3. This was a tossup but I went with the Order’s Victory at Ba Sing Se due to the impact of the victory; they freed the most strategic city in the earth Kingdom. While the occupation of Ba Sing Se proved testing for the fire nation, they still caused a lot of damage and defeating them saved lives and helped restore balance quicker than if the victory was to the fire benders. If not for this victory, Ba Sing Se would have had the fight of its life to stop being burned to the ground which would have resulted in high numbers of casualties.

4. While by no means less significant, Katara and Zuko’s Victory was the least important of the 4. Before
Comet-Enhanced Agni Kai

Zuko Vs. Azula

anyone thinks I mean the victory wasn’t important I need to set the record straight and point out that the victory was incredibly important just relatively less important than the above three. The reason why it comes last for me is because, even if both Katara and Zuko had lost, Azula as the Fire Lord would have been less of a threat on a world stage. She was already deteriorating mentally and having fired all her closest allies she would have found it hard to command a war of that scale because no general in his right mind would have followed her. Chances are someone would have like tried to over throw her and Aang would also have simply done away with her afterwards. The significance of the
Katara freezes Azula

Katara Defeats Azula

Victory though is based on the fact that Zuko the Crown prince and A fire nation Citizen fought for his rightful place (its Katara who won but Zuko’s fight was significant). This Helped restore balance as the Fire Lord was someone that the world could trust, someone who had not only aligned himself with the Avatar showing the commitment to restoring balance, but also sought the help of citizens of the other nations, Sokka and Katara Water Tribe, Toph and Suki Earth Kingdom, and Aang an Air Nomad. This showed unity and a general willingness to forge ties with the rest of the world.

This is how I rank the victories as for how history will look and remember the heroes; this is my list and reasons

1. Aang: The Avatar who ended the war.
Elemental tornado

Avatar Aang

1. Sokka: The Leader of the team that prevented genocide, it was his Ideas and Knowledge that achieved this victory, Suki and Toph would have been nowhere near as effective had it not been of him. His leadership to me equals him to Aang in terms of heroics.

3. Toph: the general always gets the first praise but the best lieutenant is always close by. Toph’s legendary bending and fighting skills helped Sokka take control of the situation quickly she did all the dirty work, and being blind will endear her to the hearts of the public forever.

4. Iroh: Again his leadership enabled victory at Ba Sing Se, while the show never showed him fighting; it implied his march to the castle was something to be marvelled upon.

5. To me this is tie among, Katara, Bumi, Paku, Piandao and maybe Jeong Jeong: the reason her is that during the comet’s presents the fire benders were unbelievably powerful and fighting them was a pure act of courage and bravery, the stuff heroes are made of. While Katara’s battle was against one opponent who had been fighting before, it still ranks high as Azula was possible the most powerful Fire bender (Not knowing how Ozai and Iroh ranked up against her). Jeong Jeong makes it in this list because he was shown to have done the most damage of the 5.

10. Zuko: I know Zuko Fans will feel like I am being unfair or I am mental but you have to understand that Zuko actually lost, albeit to save Katara, but still lost. His action of saving Katara is what got him into this list, and while it was brave of him, his action was impact to the individual not the entire world. If you put things into perspective you will see that ending a war, stopping genocide saving a city and fighting an opponent with powers temporarily magnified to catastrophic levels all surpass saving only one life.

10. Suki: Though she was part of a team that won the most significant victory aside from Aang’s, she really didn’t do much. Like Zuko, her moment was saving Sokka and Toph from falling to their deaths but again it was more relevant to individuals than the entire populous.

12. The rest of the Order: they helped re-conquer Ba Sing Se

That’s my List any Comments?

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