• Quachett

    I once asked this Question in a post and had some interesting feedback but I thought I’d write a blog about it in more detail and hopefully get some feedback from you guys. In what order do you Rank the importance of the victories team Avatar, and the Order, won in the final battle and how will history rank the heroes?

    I know some people would say they are all equally important and I respect your opinion but I have to dis agree. While each victory was significant, others had a greater impact than the others. This how I ranked them

    1. Aang’s Defeat of the Fire Lord: This was the most important victory as it effectively ended the war. Without this Victory the war would have continued even if the other were successful in their battles. It’s lik…

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  • Quachett

    The Day of the Black Sun

    January 4, 2011 by Quachett

    I have just re-watched “The Day of Black Sun” episodes and a few questions come to mind. I think that these 2 episodes were great and I am sure to kids it was golden, but I believe that adult viewers like me might agree with me that the plot was mishandled. Before I say why I need to point out that I love the series and believe that it’s one of the greatest piece of television and certainly one of the best cartoon of all time, but I had two main problems with these episodes.

    1. In terms of military strategy and war, this episode was very curious. If the nations were so desperate to end the war then logically speaking the eclipse was by far a military advantage like no other. There enemy was completely vulnerable and mounting an attack on th…

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