Hey guys so the looks of it that episode 5 was quite a turn out. They just had to get the romance out so they dumped it all out in one episode! I mean it was great and all to know what happens to Korra and Mako and Bolin but they could of at least left some romance lingering. Of course Korra still has feelings for Mako and Mako obviously just isnt into her...he is love blind might I say? He cant see that Korra is the one for him after all he looks at Asami everyday and he just cant compare her to Korra. Sorry guys forgot to say im a Makorra shipper...this might get a bit Makorray. Lets talk about Bolin, he thinks that Korra is the one for him... but lets face it Borra shippers...I dont think he is. I mean he has all the good stuff that a guy wants but Korra's mind/heart is set to Mako and she isnt going to change that. We cant change that either. Now how bout that KISS!?!?!!?!! I think that was just out the blue! It was way way way way way way tooooo early in the episode to kiss Mako, now there is a more of a chance that another kiss isnt happening between them... I really want Mako to kiss Korra when she is in Avatar State...that would be perfection! But of course we dont know! This season is coming to an end soon with only 6 more episodes anything could happen so lets all just hope for the best! Thanks and please comment below and I will try to respond! :D

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