Which one are you and explain? I am defintely Makorra! I mean lets face it Asami isnt his personality,,,she too soft hearted and something about her tells me that she is evil or something! That Asami is trying to be all nice to Mako and convince him to join the Revelation with her and destroy the Avatar (Korra)...idk....just guessing...i really think Mako has feeling toward Korra its just hes to stubborn to show them..Asami why dont you disappear or something....Masami fans...ur gonna love episode 4....Makorra fans....crying is all we can do,,,,but remeber there is still that kissing scence between Korra and Mako right???Or is that photoshopped i really hope its not...looking forward to a great 5th episode!!! :) excited

p.s i just had to say it to all the masami fans

who was the one who slept with Mako?

and who was the one who got wear the Great Red Scarf of Mako?

Lets give a woot woot for KORRA!!!!!! :) I love you Korra!!!

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