aka Name what name remember hobo!!!

  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is Im a hobo- just like Mako and Bolin
  • I am Female :D
  • Purple1311

    Hey guys soo I just want to say that was the like the best episode with action yet!!!! It was like PEW PEW BOOM BAM EXPLOSION!!!!! Sorry got a it carried away. So what surprises me is Bolin and Mako, especailly Mako. I mean when Korra went to go after Amon what did Mako say "Be Careful" thats it!!! And he didnt even say anything else!!! I mean yeah we all know that he doesnt want to do anything bad to make Asami think he is a cheater or anything but he could of at least tried to stop Korra or the wiesest idea GO AFTER HER!!!!!! HELP HER WHEN SHE NEEDS YOU!!!!! Its a good think Chief Lin was there! Speaking of Lin man did wee see her side! I was like woah! WOAH! So much in 5 minutes my eyeballs almost poped out!! Anyways I am glad that Lin …

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  • Purple1311

    Hey guys so the looks of it that episode 5 was quite a turn out. They just had to get the romance out so they dumped it all out in one episode! I mean it was great and all to know what happens to Korra and Mako and Bolin but they could of at least left some romance lingering. Of course Korra still has feelings for Mako and Mako obviously just isnt into her...he is love blind might I say? He cant see that Korra is the one for him after all he looks at Asami everyday and he just cant compare her to Korra. Sorry guys forgot to say im a Makorra shipper...this might get a bit Makorray. Lets talk about Bolin, he thinks that Korra is the one for him... but lets face it Borra shippers...I dont think he is. I mean he has all the good stuff that a g…

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  • Purple1311

    Makorra or Masami??

    April 28, 2012 by Purple1311

    Which one are you and explain? I am defintely Makorra! I mean lets face it Asami isnt his personality,,,she too soft hearted and something about her tells me that she is evil or something! That Asami is trying to be all nice to Mako and convince him to join the Revelation with her and destroy the Avatar (Korra)...idk....just guessing...i really think Mako has feeling toward Korra its just hes to stubborn to show them..Asami why dont you disappear or something....Masami fans...ur gonna love episode 4....Makorra fans....crying is all we can do,,,,but remeber there is still that kissing scence between Korra and Mako right???Or is that photoshopped i really hope its not...looking forward to a great 5th episode!!! :) excited

    p.s i just had to sa…

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