Avatar Shippings Day One: Kataang

Welcome to Avatar Shippings. This is my blog about the different shippings created by fans of the shows Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra. My plan is to post on here every week, but I may not get the chance to post each week, so I'll make up for it by merging that one into the next week. I will try to post at the beginning of the week, and through the week you can read and comment. As for content of the blog, I will be writing about my opinions on the different shippings. Note: This blog will be my opinion on the shipping, then the goods and the bads. I will try to make it equal, and I am not trying to start shipping wars or anything. You can feel free to comment with your opinions and ideas to make the blog more enjoyable for the reader. As for this week's blog, I am doing Kataang. Please comment and tune in next Sunday as well.


Kataang has to be a very good shipping for many reasons. First of all, the relationship begins as puppy love in the first episode and progresses through the hardships and trial through the series. This is a very well thought-out, reasonable relationship. Katara seems to have a crush on Aang as Book One begins, and Aang seems to fall for Katara early-on as well. As they enter Book Two, the relationship becomes more than just a crush, and turns into something more. They begin to show a stronger, more sturdy bond after Aang is electrocuted by Azula and the show enters Book Three. In book three, the two share several kisses, and the two become even more inseperable. In the episode "The Ember Island Players", Aang becomes obviously upset by the comments Katara's actor says, which shows how he feels. He kisses her during the intermission, but Katara acts confused and pulls away, then runs off. Their feelings toward each other are strong, yet the prescence of the war and the hardships they are enduring make their relationship difficult. Yet, at the end of the series, after everything is settled and the war is over, they share a strong, passionate kiss, ending the series, and proclaiming their love. All in all, this relationship was meant to be from the beginning, and through he series, it may seem they are growing apart because of the war, but their bond only grows stronger, and stronger, until it is at the perfect point. They remain together throughout their life, from their early teens to Aang's death. Kataang is a very good, strong relationship.


  • Long, strong bond
  • Good match of personalities
  • Great passionate love


  • Aang is only 12 when the relationship begins
  • They are very young

Please comment and give your opinions on Kataang. Thanks for reading.

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