This blog is written so that I ( and those who will read this) can evaluate the differences of the Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legend Of Aang and the Film The Last Airbender according to how they visualize the bending arts so Here we go.


In the animated series, water was shown to be, well, water. But it also looks like a half yinyang when being bended. And it only looks like a real water when in wave attacks, water wips looks like blue colored whips.

In the movie, bending the water sometimes look akward ( see Master Grampakku training Aang). But it was a great visual treat. They made waterbending soo good, it beats waterbending in the cartoons ( no offense, TLA haters).


The animated series portrayed earthbending much better ( and Toph did it the best, now offense to Bumi-is the Greatest fans). All those rocks flying and their moves are much much better. Those karate moves are way much better than those in the movie.

Earthbending in the movie however, suks. The visuals are okey like in waterbending, but their street dancing moves( [coughs] karate[coughs]) was not a visula treat. And, it took about five men dancing YMCA ( no the song?) to lift a pebble- sized rock and another man to thrust it forward. If thats earthbending is suppose to be, then Shyamalan must cancel Book_Two_Earth because we don't want to see dancing soldiers and I DON'T WANT TO SEE A DANCING TOPH (plus The Boulder would look like riciculous indancing).


In the animated series, firebending was done nicely. You can really tell that its fire ( except Azul'a fire, it reminds me of Dragon Balls' Kamehameha). Lightning however, is not fire. It's another thing. But still, you've gotta hand it to those who dra the firebenders, cool armor, right karate moves, and great presentation of fire that really makes firebending cool.

In the movie, firebending was really cooler looking than in the animated series. But those firebenders can't create fire so, why didn't Katara doused some water on Zuko's fire ( the benders in the movie was apparently not trained to think outside the box, they just followed the script). Iroh can create his own fire of course and it looks great at the start. However, at the part when Iroh point ihs burning hand to Zhao, it looks like a hand that was just full of alcohol that was ignited ( clearly Shyamalan was having budget problems). But I still think that the movie's firebending is way much cooler than the animated series.


In the animated series, air was not portrayed as cool as the other elements. Sometimes I mistaken it for water, bit most of the time, for me nayway, it was just a boring element. It helps you fly , hit objects ( Jedi's Force are much better, having weird music when used).

The movie's airbending is not so good also. Looks like they just pour in baby powder all over the place and let the electric fans do the work ( That or the one who portrayed Aang was really powerful). Anyhows, airbending in the movie is better to look at than the animated series. If only Shyamalan does not have budget issues.protorazor Earth Kingdom emblem (talkcontribs) 08:36, May 15, 2011 (UTC)

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