I now set my sights for the captain rank. To do that, I must contribute about five pages to a category. So here I am. My second article for "MyBlog"

I am starting my first fannon series called " The Rift Of Water"

Wanna know what is a rift? A rift is a division, a break. My fanon is going to tackle about the reasons why the Water Tribe was divided. This was not tackled by Nickelodeon so I will. If someone has already made a fanon about this, then sorry. Here is a teaser.

"Why are you fighting each other?", Avatar Jing asked.

"That is because of the inequality in here, women are not allowed to bend and we are forced to obey the chief and his cronies. The Chief has forgotten that his power comes from the people who trust in him.", says the rebel.

"What about those non-bending people who are also insurrecting, why do you also fight them?

"They are ignorant, they do not realize that we benders are the chosen ones. They are peasants!"

Angered, Avatar Jing yelled at the rebel, " Then you are no better than the chief that you despise!"

"You do not understand avatar. I know that you must keep th balance in the world but inequality is natural. If you do not understand tthis, then your purpose has ended.Time to close your eyes".

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