Aang arrives back from his confrontation with Mitros and Katas, only to realize that he was followed.


Again, the bos has made an epic and thrilling episode. Why review this specific chapter you may ask? For me
Earth Kingdom emblem

Earth Kingdom, my allegiance.

Retaliation seems a strong word. It is compatible with the word revenge. Now enough of me.

I expected this chapter to be more emotional, retaliation is supposed to be mixed with revenge. Mitros is angry, but is more adept at controlling himself because he is a waterbender. But it could be better if he would be more emotional. And his moves are influenced by firebending stances and techniques so he must be more aggressive. He was aggressive when he killed his message courrier ( or should I say, his messenger hawk). But in the battlefield, he seems cooler ( while training, he is more angrier). This is a paradox. His student, Katas, is more cooler than his master. I thought that he must be angrier than his master because he is younger ( younglings are more prone to angry moods).

The bos, however, has made another excellent chapter. His grammar is perfect, his storyline is solid, and his words makes me feel that I was there, in that place, watching the whole thing. The bos said that he had a hectic schedule and because of this, the sory was short. In my opinion, however, short stories are better suited in computer than long once. It is tiring to stare at a long story in a dsktop. The same rule does not affect book reading. I would say that short stories are an improvement.


  • This is my first review, please excuse my shortcomings.

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