will not be dumped, I will be more than happy to continue my story. As I am a newbie, my fanon might not pass the standards of fanon making. I do not know how to make a table or something. To those who have read the fanon and is willing to edit it to pass the standards, feel free to do do( I should be paying you). If somehow, the said fanon is still not good enough, I hold no grudge if it is dumped again


Yangchen and Gusha will be surprised when they wil land and those white-robbed guys will be back( I'm still thinking if it will be an all-boys club, considering that my favorite gang [ Dai Li ] has no female members).Of course, this blog will me nonsense if the fanon will not be successful.

Up Next

My next blog will be about the landmarks of the Earth Kingdom .
Earth Kingdom emblem

Seal of Protorazor

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