Who is he?

King Kuei is an Earth King, a very cowardly one. Those who are offended must see the truth.

File:Azula Earth King.png

Here, look at this photo. I know that Azula is good, but he should just fight back. A little elbow strike and the soon-to-be crazy princess is down or at least distracted. And he's just a figurehead, Long Feng RULES THE EARTH KINGDOM! Kuei's father must be disappointed in his son. And I think Kuei is NOT A BENDER. By the way he walks, he can easily be knocked out. And he's wearing shoes. Except for Cheif Hakkoda (which is understandable, the Southern Water Tribe's benders are almost extinct), the great king of the Great Earth Kingdom can't bend. He doesn't even now that they are at war with the Fire Nation. Heck, he doesn't even explore his city, " I've never been out in the palace before." My favorite Earth King is the 46th one. He is the MAN. It took an island-making Avatar (Kyoshi) to scare him. Back to the weakly king, he does not deserve his throne, Azula or the 46th is better suited.

46th Earth King

Better suited.To bad he's dead.

The Dai Li, led by Long Feng, are the real rulers of the Earth Kingdom. You might think that the Council Of Five is the de facto ruling body, but they are not. Long Feng and his agents are the one running the show. Luckily, they are not interested in the Earth Kingdom as a whole. They are only interested in maintaining the "utopia" in Ba Sing Se.

Watch out for the guys wearing long robes if you happen to be there in Ba Sing Se.

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