Yeah....I know how late this is...But there are some points that i want to address in this debate. After the Korra finale, there was a debate on who was the worst father in ATLA. It was between Fire Lord Ozai, Hiroshi Sato, and Yakone.

Personally, I put Yakone as the worst and Ozai as the best. However, all three have their pros and cons

Fire Lord Ozai


  1. He saved Zuko from drowning at two.

There is more, however there is something I need to explain first. Before finding Avatar Wikia, I came upon a satire called: What Should Have Happened in ATLA. It was a humorous approach to plotholes not really awknowledged in the show. However, it was the second to last chapter that changed my view of the Fire Nation and the show all together. It was a conversation between Zuko and Ozai in the jail when Zuko asked what happened to his mom. If you want to read it, here is the link


2. Did try to showcase talent in Agni Kai

Yeah, controversial point in the story. However, as the satire points out, Zuko was kinda of a spoiled brat at this point of the show,( This coming from a Major Zuko Fangirl). However, if he had fought Ozai in the Agni Kai, he could have a reason for this. The Fire Nation as a whole would be majorally impressed if he had defeated/fought Ozai, much more than if he had fought the old general. Seriously though.....What sounds better? Defeating the young Fire Lord....or a old general??????

3. Avatar Hunt

While it could have been a wild goosechase and dangerous , it did let Zuko get away from the Fire Nation. You see, Zuko would be seen as a weakling after the Agni Kai. Who would want a weakling on the throne... NO ONE! Meaning....they would do anything to make sure Azula got the throne..

Assassination anyone?

4. Tried to kill him

Yes...I'm counting this as a point as it was explained more fully in the satire. You see....What would've happened if Aang hadn't won? Who would be the next target?

Starts with a Z.....


If you were a Fire Nation citizen....How would you feel if your CROWN PRINCE betrayed the nation for the Avatar that he supposedly "killed"?

Used....Played for fools.

Thus, a lot of people would hate Zuko and want him dead in the ground. Meaning, a ton of people trying to murder him. If Ozai had murdered him with lightning, he would have died with the most honor with his father's best attack. They could have played it off as rebels murdering him. No one would doubt the Prince's loyalty if he was dead, now would they? No, they would be more mad that a member of the Royal Family was murdered.

4. Gave him advice

Come on! In that department, it was smart of Zuko to go to Ozai. He was the only person who could know how tough it was being Fire Lord. He could have refused to do this, but he did chose to help him.


.......Can't think of one.....

Hiroshi Sato


1. Did love of Asami

Hiroshi did love Asami a lot, providing her with self-defense lessons, giving her a car, and letting her date Mako, even though he hated him with a passion.

2. Did Not force views on Asami...Until she was captured

As Hiroshi says, he tried to keep it from her and didn't try to force it on her. He didn't say: JOIN THE EQUALISTS NOW!!! He just simply explained himself and asked her. In captivity, all he said was that they would become a family again if she joined. That I'm putting down as particially forcing.

3. Didn't attack her until she began to destroy equipment.

Even hours beforehand he told her he would take her back, even after electrocuting him with a glove. He didn't turn on her until she began to destroy the Mecha Tanks.


1. Tried to kill her

Yep, that is the only one I got on Hiroshi.. He did try to kill her and almost suceeded if Bolin had not interferred.



1. Did try to raise his son's right

Only one I have on him. At first, he was a great father to Tarrlok and Noatak. Then they discovered waterbending and that went down the drain


1. Forced Bloodbending

Yakone did force his son's to bloodbend, against one of their wills. He did not take no for a answer... Even going to the point of forcing them to bloodbend each other.

2. Forced Ambition

Yakone saw his kids mostly as tools. He said hiself, their only purpose was to be his legacy and recapture Republic City in his name. And he would go to anything to make sure that dream came true.....


This is just a list of the constant Pros and Cons of Fire Lord Ozai, Hiroshi Sato, and Yakone.. Feel free to disagree with me in the comments, but I am still going to stick with Ozai being the best father and Yakone being the worst.

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