Hello everyone! I am here to review the latest episode of Legend of Korra- The Spirit of Competition. This episode takes place about a month or two after the last, due to the snow and character clothing.

First off, is it possible to hate and love something at the same time? That is basically how I feel about the episode. It is full of shipping, more than what fits my taste. Yet, I found the date between Korra and Bolin really cute, and I absolutely loved the probending match and Tahno.

Okay, let's start with the shipping as it seems to be the main thing going on in the show. Now, the amount of shipping has apparantly annoyed many people (including me at first). However, what they ( and me at the time) don't/didn't realize is that they are teenagers and of course they are going to be crushing on each other, dating, and all that fun stuff. With Avatar:The Last Airbender, the oldest was Zuko at 16/17 and he was not really into the whole dating thing. Also, Aang had a lot on his shoulder with learning three elements and the 100 year war going on, and even then he and Katara had their moments. With Korra, she only has to learn one element and the war with the Equalists is almost like a silent war, with attacks going discreetly on each other.

Now onto the other shipping parts-

Makorra - This was both a rough and good episode. First off, the kiss and the " Admit it you like me." scene occurred. The "Admit it you like me." fit in pretty well, so i'll give it to Mike and Bryan for that. The kiss?

Not so much. Personally, i would have wanted it before a huge battle with the Equalists, not episode 5. I apologize to any Makorran, but i do not think it was very well executed.

However, the rough part of the episode was after Korra confronted Mako after her date with Bolin. They seemed very out of sync and almost ended their chance to make it to the Finals. Also, before the kiss, Mako said he liked her and Asami, so that was a huge downside. And the huge hit for the ship is when they agree to put aside their feelings and just be friends.

Frankly, I am surpised there was no blow up online from this. Maybe I just have not seen it yet.-shrug-

'Borra'- Again, rough and good episode. On the plus side,Bolin admitted his feelings for Korra and they did have a date where they both had a good time .However, Korra did break his heart by kissing his brother, though she didn't mean too. I'm sorry, but i did feel bad for Bolin. Seriously, it had to hurt to see the girl he liked kiss his brother. After a rough patch though, they decide to return to being friends, with Korra healing his arm and praising him a bit.

Masami- Mako and Asami seem pretty happy at the beginning, having lunch dates and having a good time together. However, (thank you to the user who pointed this out) Mako did technically cheat on Asami. He did kiss Korra back instead of jerking back, thus cheating on her. She obviously doesn't know, with her warm words to Korra after the match the next day, or it could be a act.-shrug- Whatever. However, it would be hilarious to have a scene where she finds out and yells at Mako.

Then of course there is Tahno. He was amazing, yet creepy at the same time.His make up seriously creeped me out. It seemed pretty emo. Anyway, he is obviously a great waterbender, due to the fact that

A. He had waterbending gear on for the match

B. The team was done in less than five minutes.

He also seems like a pretty mature character hitting on Korra and offering "private lessons" to her. -shivers-. I wish i had the innocence to believe he was just offering her tips on waterbending.

Off that creepy topic, he seems like a pretty awesome character, self-obsessed and aloof, but still a pretty serious threat. Plus his comments after the match earned him points in my book.

Also, this episode was packed with humor what with -

  • Jinora's idea that Korra should charge into battle for Mako and jump into a volcano
  • Ikki's love potion and sky kingdom idea
  • Bolin's logic on why he should date Korra
  • Tahno screaming when Naga appeared
  • Bolin's yelling at Mako after he kisses Korra
  • Korra making a face at practice when Asami and Mako are lovey dovey

All in all, it was a pretty good episode. Sure it was pacted with shipping, but it had sideplots. I would give it 4/5 stars.

I cannot wait until next episode. Hopefully, Amon comes and a huge battle rises!

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