Okay, before i begin, i will say i ship Makorra.

No, not in the whole crazy "OMG! This ship should happen just because i say so!", way. More like i think they are cute together, and yeah i do look at Makorra fanart and fanficition.

I watch Legend of Korra because I love the plot and show. I don't watch it to see romance 24/7 like most shippers. That's what Twilight is for, ( No Offense any Twilight fans, i just don't like the books.).

However, this whole shipping thing has gone way out of control.

For example, Mai.

Most people who shipped Zutara in ATLA hated her. Want to guess why? If you said it's because she came in the way of their ship, then you are correct. She wasn't given a chance only because she got together with her childhood crush. How would you feel if YOU were hated for going out with a boy you had a crush on without being given a chance?

Not good.

Then there is the whole Asami thing.

It is : looks at clock: Almost a hour later and already i saw Asami hate. Personally, I love her character and think she is a great addition to the show.

Am I mad at her for dating Mako?

No. However, I go on Mako's page and lo and behold there is Asami hate.

That is what i am talking about. Hating characters because they like someone. How about actually, I don't know......... GIVING THEM A CHANCE???

Also, i seem to notice one thing.

People focus more on Shipping than the actual SHOW!!!!!!

I see a ton on various shippings, but little on the actual show. People focus more on this whole relationships than the actual plot.

People, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

Legend of Korra is NOT a romance show! Just let go the stupid pairings and focus on the threat of bending being wiped out! Focus more on the actual show!!!

Anyway, I am very sorry if I insulted anyone. It is just that I am sick of this stupid shipping attitude. You like two people together! Okay, but don't yell at someone for disagreeing!

We are all teens at the least guys. Stop acting like little kids and just watch the show.

Sorry for my ranting, it is just that this shipping is way out of control. Fanart and fanfiction I get.

Meaningless rants and hatred.

Uh, no.

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