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  • PrincessKatara

    Anime or Cartoon?

    April 20, 2011 by PrincessKatara

    Do you think of Avatar: The Last Airbender as a cartoon as an anime or a cartoon? I was wondering about it, I pesonaly think it's a mix of both but since it's American made it's a cartoon. They do use Anime based things like the characters' eyes, but it is still America made, so what do you clasify it as, Anime or Cartoon and why?

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  • PrincessKatara

    Iroh's Past

    January 4, 2011 by PrincessKatara

    Who here thinks they just need a little mini series that goes into Iroh's past? I don't mean go completly into his past, but all the main things he did (The seige of Ba Sing Se, Lu Ten's death, His trip into the spirt world) And go into more of Lu Ten's and his cousin's realtionships? Because we all know that when they went into Iroh's past it brought up more questions. And one that keeps floating through my mind is: How did Iroh get into the Spirt World? Did he get drug in there by a spirt like Sokka??

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  • PrincessKatara

    Who else here thinks Zuko should have been reunited with his Mother, Ursa?

    I think he should of, because it would have put Zuko more at ease with his past. I mean he was all tore up about his father doing what he did, and his sisters twisted cruielty, but before all that his mother just walked out with out really giving him an explaination. So back to the question who feels the same way I do?

    And also how do you think Azula would of turned out if she felt Ursa loved her? And where do you think she got the fact that Ursa didn't love her? I personally think that if she leaned more towards her mother than her father she wouldn't have been so cruel. I also think that since Zuko was a mamma's boy that spent more time with Ursa wich I think made A…

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