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    Okay, so ever since Legend of Korra aired on TV there's been a lot of pairings for the show. Here are some of the most popular and well-known:

    • Makorra- Mako/Korra
    • Borra, Korlin- Bolin/Korra
    • Masami- Mako/Asami
    • Bosami- Bolin/Asami
    • Amorra- Amon/Korra

    Of course these aren't all of the different pairings; there's so much more, but these are the main pairings.

    And here are some of my personal favorites:

    • Makorra
    • Irosami- Iroh II/Asami
    • Amorra (I am attracted to bad guy/good girl pairings... IDK why)

    Now the question here is: Which of these pairings do you think are going to be canon by the end of the series? Give details and explain why. However don't just choose your favorite pairing because it's your favorite. Think realistically and about what the creators …

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