Hello there, welcome to my first blog post.

I'm going to try to answer the one question we all want answered: Who is this guy Amon?

I'll start by listing everything we know about Amon.

Amon shedding a tear
He is a nimble and skilled fighter, able to hold his own against benders without the ability to bend. He is a powerful and convincing speaker (almost akin to Hitler in that regard). He is extremely clever, able to infiltrate the probending arena without arousing suspicion and able to find Tarrlok in the wilderness easily. He is a powerful leader, gaining the support of countless non-benders, a good percentage of Republic City, and even powerful businessmen such as Hiroshi Sato. Personality-wise, he is calm and unshakable.

Amon’s most prominent quality has been his mysterious ability to take away bending. How does he do it? The answer to this question is what causes so many different theories as to who Amon really is.

Most recently, Amon has shown that he can resist bloodbending. This is another cryptic ability, as it appears the only way to resist bloodbending is to be a bloodbender yourself or to be an Avatar in the Avatar State.

Let’s analyze some theories about Amon’s powers.

“Amon is using an advanced form of chi-blocking to take away bending.”

The art of chi-blocking involved quick jabs or punches to certain pressure points, momentarily blocking the flow of chi and thus disabling bending. Chi-blocking has been show not to be permanent, so if Amon is blocking chi, the effect would not be permanent.

“Amon is blocking the 6th Chakra: Light, which is blocked by illusion.” I like this theory because it makes sense at first. Amon is a man of illusion. It would be a simple matter for him to block this Chakra.

However, this is simply not true. Chakras are pools of energy through which energy flows. They do not affect bending. Aang’s Chakras were blocked before he spoke to the Guru, and he needed to unblock them so that he could control the Avatar State. Aang left the Guru after seeing a vision of Katara in danger, thus blocking his Chakras. However, Aang was still able to bend.

I believe Amon is energybending. He says he got his power from the spirits, and I assume that means they taught him energybending. The only other explanations are above, and I’ve already disproved them.

Now, onto the real question: Who is behind the mask?

Let’s analyze some popular theories, and some of my own.

“Amon is Aang.”

Most of you are probably screaming “No!! Amon isn’t Aang!!” and the rest of you are shaking your heads and sighing.

This theory doesn’t really need to be disproven, but I’ll have a go at it anyways. To put it simply, the existence of Korra proves that Aang is dead. The only way for Aang to exist in the physical world would be for him to appear as a spirit, and a spirit as wise as Aang would not start a war. Even if Aang thought something needed to be done about inequality, he would do it peacefully, for example, communicating with Korra though visions and telling her to do something about it. He couldn’t kill Ozai, the most evil man on the planet. He defiantly wouldn’t start a war in which millions of people’s lives could be in danger.

“Amon is Bumi, Aang’s son.”

This is a pretty popular theory. The thing it’s got going for it is that it can’t really be disproven. Bumi has been confirmed as a non-bender, and why wouldn’t a non-bender have a little resentment growing up in a family of benders?

What’s going against this theory is Amon’s personal backstory. If what he says about his past is true, then of course this theory is impossible. But if Amon is lying?

I don’t think Amon is Bumi. If you look at Bumi’s picture, he is wearing the same collar of General Iroh of the United Forces. I would assume that means Bumi is a member of the United Forces, meaning he is probably not Amon.

EDIT: Look at Bumi's skin compared to Amon's hands. Bumi has dark skin, wheras Amon's is paler. So to clarify, Bumi is NOT Amon.

“Amon is the Avatar”

I’ve heard some people claim that when Aang was “killed” by Azula at the end of Book Two another Avatar was born, then Aang was brought back to life, thus creating two Avatars.

This always makes me laugh because this overlooks one crucial detail. If Aang had died, he was in the Avatar State, thus, the line of Avatars would have ended forever.

“Amon is from the Fire-Nation. His eyes are Amber colored, like Zuko’s”

This is a good one because there’s some fact in it. Amon could easily be Fire Nation, but it wouldn’t change anything. He could be a descendant from someone living in the Fire Nation colonies. His family could have been farmers in the Fire Nation (the ideal place to be terrorized by a firebender).

“Amon is Tarrlok”

Good one, guys. We saw Tarrlok on the screen with Amon. We saw Amon take away Tarrlok’s bending. Amon isn’t Tarrlok.

Not to mention Tarrlok is taller than Amon, so they couldn’t be the same person switching outfits.

“Amon is Yakone”

Well this one’s just ridiculous. Yakone doesn’t have the motive to take away anyone’s bending. If he gained the power, he would use it for evil purposes (more evil than Amon’s).

Also, Yakone walks with something of a hunched stance. Amon stands up straight. Yakone’s voice is gravely, Amon’s is clear.

“Amon is Zuko’s daughter/Pema/Asami/some other woman”

Amon is defiantly not a woman, let alone a pregnant one.

“Amon is Hiroshi Sato.”

We saw them on the same screen together. Also, Sato’s got that big belly. I don’t think he could hide it.

“Amon is Koh, the face-stealer”

This was one of my personal theories until recently.

Amon does remind you of Koh. Wicked, yet wise. Koh decided to teach Avatar Kuruk a lesson when he was being irresponsible. Now Amon wants to teach irresponsible benders a lesson.

However, the grand scale to which Amon is taking things seems very unlike Koh. The face-stealer is content to sit in his cave, stealing the occasional face, teaching the occasional lesson, and dropping the occasional slice of wisdom to a young Avatar looking for the moon and ocean spirits.

Besides, Koh has a very in-your-face personality, while Amon is calm and laid back.

“Amon is Amon”

This is almost a “Well, duh!” kinda theory, but it works. You absolutely cannot dispute this theory. Amon says he grew up on a small farm, a firebender killed his family, and the spirits granted him his powers (maybe they gave him other powers, like his superb fighting and ability to resist bloodbending). Amon isn’t lying about his identity and he doesn’t have a secret motive.

There are some other theories, obviously such as: “Amon is the son of Suki and Sokka” “Amon is Ty Lee’s son” “Amon is Lin and Tenzin’s son” Most of these are assumptions that Amon is somehow connected to a preexisting character. I say no to most of these theories, because if they are true it means Amon is lying about his past.

So there you have it. Now, which do I agree with? Brace yourselves…


That’s right folks. The obvious answer is the answer.

Amon has displayed no reason to have any secret motives. All he wants is for everybody to be equal, and he’s willing to go pretty far to get it.

Amon says he got his powers from the spirits. Why shouldn’t we believe him? It makes more sense than him figuring out energybending on his own.

This Saturday is the season finale. Book One will end and, hopefully all our questions will be answered. Korra might airbend, Mako might finally pick a girl, and we might find out who Amon is. (Heck, we might even find out what happened to Ursa! But don’t hold your breath on that one…)

Enjoy the finale, my friends. I can hardly wait.

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