I've been known to be a talkative guy, but I tend to keep my nose out of things I'm not involved in. However, the amount of hatred and general anger going on in the wiki has gotten to be too much. Can't just all get along with each other instead of getting into pointless arguments? (if you haven't seen the recent war room discussions: here you are)

To the Users

The admins should not be worshiped as gods. On the same note, they should not be held to a god-like standard. Just because their names are in gold doesn't mean they're perfect. People make mistakes. People do things they regret. And people have pride: not everyone wants to admit they were wrong. Don't forget all the contributions the admins have made over one petty argument.

To the Admins

Although no one should have their title stripped from them because they said something someone else didn't like, that doesn't give you the right to be rude. We could all stand to be a little nicer, regular users included. Additionally, sometimes all it takes to end an argument is an apology, whether or not you feel it is deserved.

Keep in mind that the purpose of wikia is to share knowledge about a subject, not to create drama and arguments. Peace and Love everybody.

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